The Secret World ready for free-to-play, if push comes to shove

Secret World tv series

Funcom's The Secret World may transition to free-to-play or even a hybrid model if Funcom deem that it’s unsustainable to keep the game exclusively subscription-based. Speaking to GamesIndustry, the new CEO Ole Schreiner said that the tools are real and in place:

“We tried leaving our options open during development so that we could launch with a different model should we have decided during development that's what we wanted, but eventually we did settle on the subscription model and that's what informed much of the game's design. That said we definitely have the tools to turn The Secret World into a free-to-play game — or even hybrid — should we decide to do that somewhere down the line.”

Just like Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello, Schreiner also said that it’s very difficult for subscription-based models to be successful in a field that is clearly dominated by free-to-play. However, Funcom isn’t doing that bad anymore, apparently, after the recent round of lay-offs, since Schreiner thinks they’re “heading into a promising future for Funcom.” PR talk?

When do you think The Secret World will become free-to-play?

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