There’s a party in Dragonica and everyone’s invited

Dragonica is celebrating its third birthday and Gala Networks Europe decided to offer some treats to fans of this F2P action MMO. A new series of special PvP maps and a Community Arena will open, along with some great presents for players.

A birthday would only be half the fun without the traditional food and presents. Hence, Dragonica players will be able to enjoy a giant cake in the middle of Port of the Winds as well as a slice of cake a day for the duration of the event, which will be sent directly to the players’ inventory shortly after login. The Port of the Winds vending machine will also be updated with a very special lucky dip, which may contain a new birthday outfit or a host of other potions and other functional items. The coins this vending machine requires are dropped from all field monsters for the period of the event.

The new Community Arena, which has the promising name Fight Club, is sure to get a hero’s heart rate going. Up to 30 players can enter simultaneously and face a new and unique boss in order to battle it out and gain brand new items. For people looking to go the extra mile a PvP mode will also be available here, where players can not only defeat the boss, but also each other.

Apart from the community dungeon PvP, there are 2 other brand new modes available from today: One is a capture-the-flag type mode in which players are required to rescue a bear and return it to their spawn point, whereas the Domination mode requires players capturing control points around the map causing the other teams’ points to diminish.

Along with these features, 40 bugs have been fixed and 5 quests have been updated.

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