Tower of Fantasy global launch confirmed with English social media

Tower of Fantasy global launch confirmed

Yesterday, out of nowhere, we've seen the launch of English social media pages for Perfect World's Tower of Fantasy. This seems to prove that the Tower of Fantasy global launch is confirmed. Hotta Studios' anime MMORPG has released in China last December and there's been a lot of speculation over a western release – fans tend to exaggerate and distort every tidbit of info, including a downright “cancellation of a western launch.” Personally, it seemed to early to jump into any conclusions, especially because the Chinese release needs further polish and additional content in order to make the game as good as everyone is hoping for.

But now, we have English Tower of Fantasy social media pages that point to a western launch:

There are other indications that Tower of Fantasy is going global this year indeed. The latest investors call mentioned the goal of launching the game overseas during 2022, as some Chinese sites have reported, along with a 2.0 overhaul for the China release.

Since it wouldn't be the first time that fake social media pages are created and then vanish without a trace, we would take this with a grain of salt before we get an official confirmation. We've reached out to Perfect World for confirmation on this matter and will update the post when we hear from them.

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