Tree of Savior international release announced

Great news for those of you who have been following with excitement the development of Tree of Savior, the spiritual sequel to Ragnarok Online. This MMORPG is also developed by the father of Ragnarok Online, Kim Hakkyu, so the expectations are naturally high.

IMC Games just announced that Tree of Savior will go through a focus group test. No date was announced for this test, but sadly it will only be open to Korean residents who have a valid social insurance number. The announcement was made on the official Tree of Savior Facebook page.


But the great news is that after this focus group test there will be an International Testable Version! So while we probably have to wait for quite some time (1 or 2 years) to play Tree of Savior, it's great news to see that the studio didn't forget about its international fans, as so many other Korean studios seem to do.

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