Tree of Savior: spiritual sequel to Ragnarok gets first amazing trailer

Tree of Savior is the name of the game previously known as Project R1 and it has been getting quite a lot of attention. The reason for this is that the developer, IMC Games, is helmed by Mr. Hakkyu Kim, the “father” of Ragnarok Online. This means that Tree of Savior doesn't look like an evolved Ragnarok Online by accident, the game is shaping up to be the true sequel to the classic free MMORPG.

Besides the beautiful yet faithful to the Ragnarok Online style visuals, Tree of Savior will offer 80 playable character classes, which is just mindblowing! Beta testing is expected to begin in February 2014 and there are no news yet on the possibility of an English version. Watch the amazing trailer below (thanks Steparu!).

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