Trion’s new game is the cel-shaded turn-based Atlas Reactor

Clearly happy with the results of the voxel sandbox Trove so far, Trion Worlds has just unveiled another game, this one called Atlas Reactor and once again very different from the studio's line-up. Atlas Reactor is a turn-based tactical game with stylish cel-shaded visuals and a PvP focus. It's a refreshing change from all the lookalike MOBAs, but this game features simultaneous turns (on a timer) and a cast of characters – called Freelancers – that looks like they come from a mix of Borderlands and Overwatch.

This one looks like it's for XCom or Shadowrun Returns fans, so if you like the genre definitely keep an eye out for Atlas Reactor, as it will be free-to-play. Here's the announcement dev diary which includes a few bits of gameplay, and you can already sign up for the upcoming alpha.

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