Ultimate Naruto details Fortification and Inheritance systems

Fresh from beginning the Naruto Saga closed beta, IceGames revealed a few tips on the free MMORPG Ultimate Naruto, most specifically on how to craft the best equipment. A powerful set of equipment is vital to become the best ninja and so players have to dominate the Fortification and Inheritance systems.

The strongest equipment currently available in the game is the Blazing Set. This equipment can only be obtained by forging in the Blacksmith, using materials acquired in dungeons and Material Chests. Visiting the Blacksmith allows ninjas to see what remaining materials they require to forge the set.

The inheritance system can be used to transfer fortification levels from one piece of equipment to another, giving them new attributes and better forging capabilities. However, the inherited level will not automatically be transferred and can wildly vary from piece to the next. Players should make use of the preview displayed on screen before choosing whether or not to complete the inheritance. Players can also transfer inlaid jades, if the new equipment has enough sockets for the jades.

Click in this link to participate in the Ultimate Naruto open beta. You can watch our Ultimate Naruto gameplay video below.

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