Ultimate Naruto details master/slave contract feature

IceGames just spilled the beans on one more feature from their free anime MMORPG Ultimate Naruto (click here to play), this time the master/slave contract. Available only for players over level 25, this is a great way to earn more EXP every day.

Players have 8 chances per-day to capture slaves (10 if they're already a Master), which they can achieve by defeating players in the Arena. Once captured, slaves generate new EXP for their Master every minute for up to 24-hours before being released. If a slave was already a Master before being captured, their slaves are adopted too for an even bigger EXP boost.

It isn't always easy being a slave driver though. Masters may only interact with their slaves 6-times per-day, and must choose between extracting the EXP accumulated; spending gold to instantly obtain an hour's worth of EXP; completely drain a slave's resources; or set them free. With careful management, becoming a slave Master can fast-track players to higher levels. The EXP gained from slaves increases according to a player’s level too – the higher level the Master, they more they squeeze out of their ninja subordinates.

Slaves have 3 chances to initiate a battle and revolt against their master, and may also seek help from other players to escape.

Ninjas can better safeguard themselves against slavery by becoming members of a guild. Every player is given 3 chances per-day to become a hero and rescue a slave, but this number is increased to 10 when trying to rescue a team member. If all else fails, players can choose to either pay a ransom of 100 gold, which gives the Master 50 coupons, or ride it out and endure slavery until the time is up.

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