Ultimate Naruto: tips on prestige, ranks and ninjas battles

IceGames just revealed a few more tips for the free MMORPG Ultimate Naruto, which launched just a few weeks ago. If you're a Naruto fan then you can sign up and play Ultimate Naruto at the official website.

Like any good MMORPG, Ultimate Naruto is best enjoyed with friends, when players team up to tackle the many Naruto anime series inspired storylines and quests. But in order to do so, players must raise their Ninja Rank first. Ninja Rank dictates a ninja's reputation in the Ultimate Naruto world; the better the rank, the more likely that other ninjas will want to adventure beside them.

Ninja Rank is upgraded by earning Prestige, which can be obtained for free by challenging other players in the Arena. The Arena is a tough show of strength, matching similarly ranked players against one another in duels that require skill and considered battle formations to earn victory.

The Arena cannot be visited again for free as soon as a battle is completed – tough battles mean ninjas need to recover. However, players eager to earn extra Prestige and improve their Ninja Rank can overcome the cooldown time and challenge again using gold If they're eager for more.

Increasing the Ninja Rank is what Ultimate Naruto is all about. Break the top 1000 and not only will players be fighting alongside the best ninjas in the land, they will be regularly earning an abundance of silver and materials too; the higher the rank, the better the rewards!

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