Veterans Online update talks changes and 2018 release

Veterans Online

We haven't heard about Veterans Online for quite some time. Apparently, we are not alone, as developer Nuked Cockroach admitted that communication was somewhat lacking.

But it's for good reasons! The team moved to a new office, and they even have a gym, a pool and a sauna for relaxing purposes. It's somewhat better than my Spider-man fidget spinner, but I guess I shouldn't complain. Moving on, the team is now comprised of 31 members, with six of them being new. A new development unit opened in Lyon, France: Polysmart France will be the studio's international arm for recruiting.

Not bad for a studio that is yet to release its first game, Veterans Online. This free-to-play top-down shooter will release as free-to-play in 2018 and since the last closed beta, it went through quite some changes. To begin with, there are now 10 playable characters, each of one tailored for a specific playstyle and with a unique ultimate. There are skins to choose from and these can be earned from the loot chests. A badges system was implemented, with each one having a different effect on your character: you can pick 5 generic and 1 specific to the character. Finally, there's a new UI, new menu and new improved art.

Nuked Cockroach promises to update players daily from now on, with new details, art and so on.

The video below is somewhat old, but should give you a nice idea about just how fun Veterans Online could be. Hopefully in a Cannon Fodder/Ikari Warriors kind of way.

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