Warframe enters open beta, brings snow with update 7

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After a successful closed beta, the free-to-play online shooter Warframe is now entering open beta. Digital Extremes launched the open beta this week alongside its most extensive content and feature update: Update 7.

Update 7 includes a highly anticipated open environment snow planet, 2 new Warframes with poison and sonic powers, a Sentinel pet system, and a new Global Chat feature. The most radical feature in this update is the re-vamp of the Mod System that has added a new level of depth to customizing your arsenal.  Adding some of the stealth flavor seen in the original Dark Sector sci-fi concept of 2004, the update also provides players with stealth attack options and a new hunting bow called The Paris.

You can watch the open beta launch trailer below, as well as our Warframe first look video.

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