Warhammer: Wrath of Heroes to close March 29th

If you know your MOBAs, you’re probably aware that it’s hard to make an impression in a genre dominated by League of Legends and pretty soon by Dota 2. Electronic Arts tried its luck with Warhammer: Wrath of Heroes, but not even the popular name was enough to make it appealing. The game is going to close on March 29, 2013.

Producer James Casey revealed this in a post on the official website, saying that the time wasn’t wasted. Warhammer: Wrath of Heroes’ beta launched just over a year ago and its 3 team PvP matches weren’t enough to convince a sufficient number of players. Casey mentions the experience learned about the free-to-play market, the tests on new server technology and invites players to participate in the final moments of the game.

Did you play Warhammer: Wrath of Heroes? Was it a good MOBA or just an ordinary game in your opinion?

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