Web Koihime Musou open beta live, vote on cosplayers

Gamania Digital Entertainment just announced that beautiful and revealing maidens are at your orders in the Web Koihime Musou open beta. This is a free-to-play browser-based strategy game based on the famous Japanese franchise Koihime.

The players chooses one of the three kingdoms (Gi, Go or Shoku) and then partners with beautiful female warlords from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The anime characters seem to be pretty revealing sometimes and with over 100 characters to choose from, there’s a lot to see and do… and see.

Gamania promises that Web Koihime Musou is a game that can be played in short bursts (five minute or so sessions), with the kingdom growing even while players are away from the game.

There’s also a Koihime Musou cosplay event by Gamania, where four attractive cosplayers created their own outfits and impersonated the maidens Choun, Ryubi, Sonsaku and SoSo in a way that few can. They will attend the Anime Expo in June 30th, so start voting on your favorite at http://www.mykoihime.com/event/cosplay/default.aspx.

To try Web Koihime Musou sign up for the open beta at www.mykoihime.com/signup.

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