Westward Journey Restarts begins pre-registration for Android and iOS

Westward Journey Restarts

Westward Journey Restarts has started pre-registration in the App Store and Play Store. This is an upcoming game based on the popular tale Journey to the West and The Westward (a famous Hong Kong comic). The official launch is planned for June 30, 2022, so it's right around the corner.

Journey to the Westward is a famous classic Chinese novel, about as famous as The Three Kingdoms and already saw a few video game adaptations in the past. In the comic The Westward, heroes are separated into six camps, so in the game you can summon heroes from the westward team, heaven
realm, dark soul camp, monster camp, dragon camp, demon camp, and the alien camp. Westward Journey Restarts features over 100 heroes to choose from.

Heroes can be upgraded in several ways, from leveling up, equipping gear, or using scriptures and artifacts to enhance their power. Each hero brings unique skills into the battle, soul resonance improves your team's power, and different formations provide various tactical options during battle.

Apart from various PvE dungeons, Westward Journey Restarts features an in-depth PvP mode with real-time, asynchronous, and cross-server player versus player battles. You can join a guild and earn rewards from various special events.

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