World of Dragon Nest releasing summer 2018, multiplayer focus

World of Dragon Nest MMORPG

More info has been revealed for World of Dragon Nest, the upcoming cross-platform MMORPG based on the PC game Dragon Nest. Developer Eyedentity shared some of the World of Dragon Nest features in an interview with ThisIsGame, and these may or may not please you. First of all, the scheduled release date is summer 2018, which means that the game is still about a year away. Also worth noting is the existence of an auto-combat mode, terribly popular in mobile MMOs and this game won't be an exception – you can play on Android, iOS or PC in the same server, “similar to Blizzard's Hearthstone”. However, you can always switch to manual non-target combat mode and if you're a skilled player, you'll be able to improve things with your dodging and moving around.

World of Dragon Nest's new story features characters from Dragon Nest, as well as new characters. The new hostile force is known as Paradise Exiles and the bosses in the game will be a part of this force. Focused on multiplayer, World of Dragon Nest features 30v30 combat, with a maximum of 60 players being also expected for Guild War and Lordship War.

While classes are a part of World of Dragon Nest, there aren't any job advancements in this game. Instead, your profession and skills are shaped by the weapons you choose. However, some weapons are tied to specific classes, such as the warrior with the axe and two-handed sword. The studio is working on both genders for each class, unlike the gender-locked classes of the first game. A new character called Slayer will make its appearance.

And now, our two cents: World of Dragon Nest doesn't look particularly exciting graphically-wise, but we were willing to play along to try the large-scale battles and the open world design. However, adding auto-combat to a game seems like a decision capable of ruining the entire game design, at least for PC players. Do you think this was wise or a mistake?

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