World of Tanks Generals free to play card game announced

Wargaming just announced a new and unexpected chapter in the ‘World of’ series. While World of Warplanes is in the closed beta stage and we’re still expecting the first gameplay footage of the third game in the series (World of Warships), we are now treated to World of Tanks Generals.

The first surprise is that this is a new free-to-play MMO browser-based game; the second is that World of Tanks Generals is a collectible card online game. The official blurb says the following:

World of Tanks Generals will feature gameplay focused on World War II and will allow players to engage in strategic and intense combat using various military units, including tanks, artillery and infantry. Players will also be able to research new technology, as well as buy new tanks and units for more varied gameplay options.

Across several single and multiplayer gameplay modes, players can join battles taken from historical events, fight for dominance on a global map and destroy the competition in matches where carefully planned tactics and well thought out game plan become the key to victory.

The game will feature four nations at launch: the US, the U.S.S.R., France and Germany. World of Tanks Generals will also be available as a card-based strategy board game. Learn more about the game at

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