World of Warcraft: no free to play planned

John Lagrave, World of Warcraft producer, told CVG that the MMORPG won’t be going free-to-play anytime soon. WoW is currently F2P up to level 20, but this cap is here to stay for a while.

Lagrave said “You know, we looked at it lots, we looked at whether Level 20 would give you a good sense of what our game is, and we think it does. There’s also a lot of things in the game that are special that we want to reserve for our paying customers.” He added that Blizzard “slid some of the pay-for features into the first 20 levels”.

Mists of Pandaria, the fourth World of Warcraft expansion, is set to release on September 15. WoW is seeing declining subscriptions but still has 9 million subscribers. Star Wars: The Old Republic failed to make a dent in World of Warcraft’s popularity.

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