Eternal Magic Gameplay Impressions: New PC MMORPG

Eternal Magic Gameplay impressions

Hi everyone and welcome to Eternal Magic, a new fantasy MMORPG for PC. You’re watching combat footage because I wanted to show you some cool effects right off the bat. Eternal Magic features a pretty cool combat system with smooth movements and an enjoyable assortment of skills, providing some interesting variety to the way that you approach dungeons, and later, PvP battles.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Eternal Magic isn’t original when it comes to its theme – it’s the tried and tested epic fantasy environment where mighty creatures of different origins clash. We were sponsored to give it a go and our thoughts is that it grows on you and can be a fun time sink if you’re not expecting the MMORPG of the year.

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A good thing about Eternal Magic is that it doesn’t stick to the chronic gender lock. Each one of the six classes come in male and female form, so you’re free to pick your favorite without being forced into a specific gender.

Since I didn’t find my Archer here – or Ranger, or any other name for a ranged character that shoots arrows –, I was torn between the Mage and the Gunslinger. You see, I’m not a big fan of melee combat because that usually puts me at risk, and I’d rather keep a safe distance from my foes. Convinced by a display of fireballs, I went with the Mage. The other classes are Knight, Spellblade, Assassin, and Priest. These cover the popular MMO holy trinity, with the tank, healer, and DPS units providing a familiar but always reliable balance.

Eternal Magic gameplay feels just as it should. It’s a game that eases you in through a myriad of quests, with no walls during the first hours. Casuals will enjoy their time, but veterans will surely look forward to level 60 plus, where endgame comes barging in and the best competitive systems come into play. Eternal Magic isn’t about leveling up; it’s about being up there with your guild, running dungeons and special events, participating in teambased PvP battles, and showing your character power level after all that enchanting, socketing, and so on. Your mileage may vary, but it is a smooth ride, that’s for sure.

Eternal Magic gameplay character

Eternal Magic has a mentor system, something that I don’t recall seeing in many recent MMOs. This mechanic is meant to foster player interaction and to provide both mentor and apprentice rewards for their cooperation. You can trade items, but also team up to participate in events and complete achievements – there’s a handy pop-up telling you when your mentor just logged in. Best of all, I was surprised by a random stranger offering to mentor me, and suddenly I was propelled into the air as he gave me a nice experience boost, with all the extras that came with it, namely new skills. Thank you, kind person who appeared out of nowhere.

Soon you’ll get your first mount, a horse, speeding up travel across the map – just watch her go. Here’s a fun fact, and don’t quote me on this, but she isn’t riding the horse sideways because she bumped her head or something. Allegedly, this is the accurate way in that women used to ride horses a few centuries ago, when they wore those uncomfortable, massive dresses that pretty much prevented them from moving naturally, sitting, or even breathing as a regular human being is expected to.

Let that valuable piece of knowledge sink in as I talk about combat. As I’ve said earlier, this is a fun aspect of Eternal Magic. It is dynamic and you have a pleasant array of skills to choose from, casting them as you move around and dodge enemy attacks. There is an awakening meter that you can regularly use to trigger more dangerous skills, which comes in handy for some bosses. PvE in this game is fairly smooth, as most battles won’t pose an unsurmountable challenge. That is, unless you decide to bite off more than you can chew, by taking on bosses and dungeons without being fully prepared.

Eternal Magic Gameplay Marriage

Pets are part of the game as well, and I had this kawaii tiny bunny girl at my side for most of the game. I leveled her up and basked in the pleasure of knowing that she can handle her fireballs despite her size. Or you can go for another pet, as there are quite a few to collect – maybe you prefer a cute Simba lookalike?

Progress will be smooth, with new areas to explore and enemies to fight. Some dungeons add a bit of diversity to the flow of the game, with tasks that go beyond the traditional kill this, take that. You may be asked to help a turtle win a race, prevent enemies from reaching a certain location, or destroy a succession of bad guys as they awkwardly move in single file. There was even one unanticipated session of rock-paper-scissors, for what it’s worth.

There are quite a few timed events, boss challenges, random daily instances, and PvP battlefields mostly for 10v10 battles. However, the official site does mention huge 80-player battles and even a MOBA mode.

Eternal Magic Gameplay Housing

When you reach level 50, you unlock the housing system. You can purchase your own house and decorate it with furniture and other embellishments, inviting your friends to see just how cool it looks. Another option is finding your in-game soulmate and having a proper wedding, a mechanic that seems to be pretty big in Eastern MMOs. Good luck finding that special in-game companion if you haven’t already.

Eternal Magic isn’t going to break any new ground, but it’s a nice little MMO if you let it grow on you. It gets better as you get nearer endgame and it seems to be nicely populated as of now – matchmaking was a matter of a couple of seconds. Give it a shot if you’re curious and let us know what you think.

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