Final Blade Review – Oriental Hero Collecting with Dazzling Artwork

Final Blade Review

If there is one thing that I just can’t get enough of, that thing is stunning 2D artwork. Luckily, I got my share with Final Blade, a mobile game with some impressive heroes. You can download the game using the link in the video description.

Final Blade is a fantasy collection RPG, or as I like to call it, a hero collector. Since these games are a dime a dozen on mobile, their charm ultimately relies on their ability to deliver an appealing and large roster. Final Blade absolutely delivers in this regard and then some, as it features over 300 heroes with some pretty amazing designs.

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Mixing an oriental setting with fantasy tropes, these heroes are gorgeous, and I’m measuring my words. Often extremely original, other times more traditional but with beautiful flourishes, as well as some generous eye candy here and there, Final Blade’s heroes are a true success. Their smooth animations could show a thing or two to other games such as Destiny Child.

I’m a big fan of the so-called human characters, but I can’t help being impressed with some of the most outlandish beings. There’s this huge Earth-like creature of the dead, or the fisherman who isn’t afraid to fish-slap his enemies. When it comes the time to choose between power or looks, it’s always a tough decision.

In a nice twist, Final Blade has a relationship system, with some heroes feeling benevolence, amity, hate or pure malefience towards specific characters. Naturally, it pays off to have a group of heroes that get along with each other, as it unlocks their side stories.

Final Blade Review Windy Valley

You must pick the best team of five that you can, and as in other hero collector RPGs, you set out in the adventure mode to conquer stage after stage, unlocking new heroes in the process. Things start easy, but a few hours in you’ll struggle to find the best formation and heroes to counter the enemies. There are many worlds to explore and you can unlock different formations for your squad and enhance them, placing each hero individually according to his role. You can pick a leader and he or she has an ultimate that can be a true game changer.

The way you surmount the obstacles is a familiar one. Constantly enhancing your heroes and equipping your characters with better gear is crucial, up to the point where you can combine two similar heroes to create a new, more powerful character. Training also raises your experience level a little bit. Summoning new heroes is always an exciting moment, especially when you get a desirable 5- or 6-star hero, along with several throwaway 1- and 2-star heroes that are perfect to be consumed for the greater good.

Final Blade Review Endless Tower

Other modes will serve as a distraction from the main adventure. The Endless Tower is exactly that – an endless succession of levels that is great to quickly reap some rewards, at least until you hit a wall that will send you back to upgrading and enhancing. Daily dungeons and clan features are part of the deal as well, including boss raids, and there’s the mandatory PvP to show off your squad to the world.

Final Blade sets out to deliver a hero collector RPG and does it with flair. The artwork is nothing short of brilliant, the battles look cool – when you can see stuff amidst the barrage of skills – and there are more heroes than you can shake an oriental stick at. If you like the genre give it a go by using the link in the video description. Have fun!

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