King’s Raid Gameplay Impressions, 1000th day Celebrations and Hero Cutscenes

King's Raid gameplay 2019

Welcome to King’s Raid, an incredibly popular RPG that is now celebrating its 1000th day anniversary. In case you haven’t heard about this game from Vespa before, we’re here to tell you what makes it special in a sponsored but unbiased video, as we always do. With all the celebrations and rewards going on, this is the perfect time for you to start playing King’s Raid, so hit the links in the video description to begin.

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In the login screen, something hit hard. To celebrate the anniversary, King’s Raid teamed up with Dreamcatcher, a famous South Korean girl group. Unbeknownst to me, this band is now featured in the title screen with a cover of Blind Days by Siyeon, one of the members of Dreamcatcher. I can assure you that her angelic voice is bound to stick in your head for some time. With all the craze surrounding BTS and other Korean groups, Dreamcatcher could become the next global success.

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Before diving into the fundamentals of King’s Raid, let’s begin with one of the features that makes it stand apart from other hero collector RPGs – there is no gacha system to recruit heroes. Considering the heavily crowded genre, it’s a bold move to entirely do without the always enticing monetization from hero gacha.

You unlock them by progressing in the main story, occasionally getting a hero ticket drop offering you a choice between dozens of heroes, with luck and randomness playing no part in this process. There is another way to recruit the heroes of your liking, of which there are over 80 in total right now, with quite a bit of fan service that isn’t to be ignored.

King's Raid Cutscenes Fallen Witch Maria

You head over to the Hero’s Inn, where a handful of heroes are waiting to be greeted and engage in friendly conversation. You can throw some gold their way as a kind but expensive gesture, increasing your friendship status. When you reach the required affinity level, you unlock the hero you befriended.

There are daily limits for the affinity points that you accrue, and you can’t try to befriend another hero at the same time, because… I don’t know, they’re a jealous bunch. You can, however, become pals with the heroes you own to earn some valuable rewards.

But wait, there’s more! The in-game store has all sorts of items, but the best thing is that you can also purchase heroes as well with rubies, the in-game currency. You earn these at a very reasonable pace, so it’s not like you won’t have enough rubies to get a few heroes of your liking. Tons of costumes can be purchased for your favorite heroes as well.

King's Raid Cutscenes Action

Besides a surprising amount and quality of loot drop from the missions, you can get some extra gear and equipment from a gacha system. Unlike the hero system where you get to pick, lady luck is taking care of the gear drops for you, but I managed to get a few high tier items and runes without much trouble, and so should you.

But what about the core gameplay? Well, King’s Raid is a hero collector RPG where you recruit heroes and send them in brief, fast-paced combat sessions. Early game can be played using the auto function, but if you fail to level up your heroes and properly equip them, you won’t get far. Manually using your healer at the right time to save your tank from certain death is something that only a person can do, as the AI isn’t expected to beat the game for you. Get a balanced team, equip them with the best gear and upgrade it, socketing runes to add extra stats, and not forgetting to awaken your heroes when the time comes. Such is the recipe for success in King’s Raid; no auto-combat will ever replace well-timed judgment here.

As soon as you complete chapter 6, you are granted a Soul Weapon just as an attendance reward upon logging in. These weapons were introduced via a recent update and aren’t easy to craft. Suffice to say, it boosts your power in significant and diverse ways, as each hero is going to have its own soul weapon.

King's Raid Cutscenes Crystal Cat Kirze

In case you need to farm for a specific item, you can always dispatch heroes to do so while offline. Other events and game modes will get you more loot and gold, such as raiding large-scale world bosses and dragons. You can join or create a guild, teaming up with other players to go on various missions, and there’s the usual PvP mode with tempting rewards – this unfolds in real-time, and you have to test your tactical expertise in the World Arena to prove who’s the best warrior.

The 1000th Day anniversary celebrations bring seven days of rewards for logging in, with a grand festival taking place at Central Orvel. There are three events from the official community, and a festival dungeon available from November 12 until November 19. The event points that you earn can be used to purchase items from the Anniversary Festival Shop.

One additional mention goes to the King's CRaiders program. This is for King’s Raid fans who are willing to create content in YouTube or Twitch. It is open to everyone, even those who are just starting a channel. You can apply until November 20 and there are some cool prizes for the best creators – you can check all the details in the video description.

I’ll end the video with another mention to the top-notch hero design, with amazing artwork and good 3D models that are diverse enough to make your choices more difficult than expected. Remember that you can play King’s Raid by clicking the links in the video description, and I’ll leave you with a series of hero cutscenes that show you some stylish heroes. So, which one is your favorite?

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