Dragomon Hunter

PUBLISHER: Aeria Games | DEVELOPER: X-Legend
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Shut Down (June 2017)

Dragomon Hunter is another game from the decidedly very active studio X-Legend Entertainment from Taiwan, which has already brought us some nice free MMORPGs such as Aura Kingdom, Eden Eternal and Astral Realm. Originally known as Dragon Slayer and re-baptized as Dragomon Hunter by Aeria Games for North America and Europe, this game is something of a lite Monster Hunter, with the player tasked with defeating and collecting over 100 creatures, or Dragomon, in an obvious nod to the popular Pokémon franchise. You will then be able to use the Dragomon as impressive mounts. Dragomon Hunter also features controller support, something that is a plus for many players who like this style of control.

Featuring the trademark anime visuals that X-Legend is known for but taking them even more down a chibi route, Dragomon Hunter is a cute anime MMORPG with plenty to see and do, and while it doesn't break new ground, it's a full-fledged game that Aura Kingdom fans and overall anime fans are sure to enjoy and play for a long time.

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