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Kritika Online

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GENRE: Fighting, MMORPG | THEME: Anime, Fantasy
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Shutdown April 2019


Kritika Online is a free to play 3D brawler filled with impressive moves, amazing weapons and dazzling combos. Using a visual anime style that manages to stand the test of time, Kritika Online's gameplay is often compared to the Devil May Cry series, also thanks to the grandiose cinematic moments that make the action look even better.

Four very distinct classes will be released at launch in North America and Europe, with more to come later: Rogue, Reaper, Gunmage and Warrior. All classes have three advancements apart from the Reaper, which currently sits at two advancements, the Valkyrie and Vamp. Evolving your character will result in new ways to dispatch your enemies in the instances, called Danger Zones in Kritika Online. Each zone has a massive boss waiting for the player.

Kritika Online is a great anime action MMORPG which is suited for players who are looking for a quick play session now and then, without any filler getting in the way of fun.

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