PUBLISHER: Undead Labs | DEVELOPER: Undead Labs
GENRE: MMORPG, Strategy | THEME: Fantasy, Cartoon
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Shutdown (Dec 15)

Moonrise is the second game from Undead Labs, makers of the survival horror hit State of Decay, and it represents a massive change of genre for the studio. From horror to a Pokémon-inspired real-time tactical creature battler (and free-to-play at that), the studio is proving its versatility on the always difficult sophomore effort. In Moonrise you'll play as a Warden, an elite guardian who must recruit and train a diverse array of wild, elemental creatures
known as Solari. The innocent Solari were corrupted by the Moonrise, a world-spanning catastrophe that changes the innocent creatures into their darker forms, turning the Solari into the savage Lunari. The Wardens are the only ones capable of mastering the elemental affinities and building a valiant Solari team.

In Moonrise, you can try your luck in the single-player campaign or enter competitive PvP, exploring a beautiful and diverse game world and mastering the depth of this head-to-head fighting game and collectible card game mix. There are 125 unique Solari to recruit at launch, and over 300 unique Solari skills, allowing for a wide variety of custom builds. Playrs can find and equip thousands of different items.

Moonrise is a free-to-play game for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, and is one of the most interesting offers in the creature battler genre, with interesting graphics full of life and character, as well as a very tactical combat system.

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