Black Squad First Look Gameplay Video (Early Access)

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Are you sick and tired of bland, unfair military shooters? So are we. That is why Black Squad is getting quite a lot of praise at the moment, and has an impressive playerbase for a free-to-play shooter that is still in early access. I mean, those numbers would make a lot of shooters proud. Our advice is that you join in the fun by clicking the link in the video description. It’s a free game and one of the rarest kind – but more on that later.

Oddly enough, when we first started the game, the mouse sensitivity was extremely low, which made the game unplayable. So, the first step is to go to settings and crank that shit up, until you get dizzy from all the spinning. If you faint, though, it’s probably a sign that you should back it up just a little.

So, what makes Black Squad a good game instead of another forgettable shooter? First of all, the mechanics we know and love are incredibly fine-tuned, the game just feels natural and intuitive since the very first minutes of play. It’s like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had a baby and he’s a mean, lean killing machine. To put it in a better way, Black Squad takes hints from both franchises, stirs everything perfectly and offers you a streamlined, extremely fast-paced and quite enjoyable experience that works wonderfully for casuals and veterans alike.

Let's address the elephant in the room. How can such a competitive first-person shooter work properly when it’s free? After all, the developers need to eat, pay rent, and first and foremost, keep the servers up and running. Isn’t this one of those games where you can buy an overpowered pistol with real money and just take everyone out without breaking a sweat?

Well, luckily, that is not the case. Or to be more precise, it was a straight up decision from the studio to avoid that pitfall, one that has destroyed so many games and is constantly making new victims. You have the mandatory cash shop, but every weapon that you can buy isn’t that superior to your previous weapon. It’s mostly a case of purchasing a new skin, sometimes with a cool new animation, but the stats don’t change that much to make it a huge difference. Also, weapons are permanent and there are no repairs. You can get these weapons or cosmetic country flags with in-game money or medals that you earn, but you can also spend some real money if you want to purchase a few boosters to earn currency and experience faster. The end result is the same: weapons are nicely balanced and skins make up the larger part of the shop. It’s hard to find another free shooter right now with this kind of in-game shop. Let’s hope they don’t screw this up in the future.

As for the maps, they range from decent to really good, with plenty of alternate paths and hiding places to make for varied, unpredictable battles. Most maps use verticality in a competent way, so you have to always be on your toes and avoid open spaces like the plague. While all of the maps are fairly small, they are designed in a way that makes them look large, some of them capable of accommodating up to 32 players. It gets a little crowded, sure, but Black Squad’s gameplay is frantic and nonstop, so this is part of the plan – there’s always something happening.

Game modes in Black Squad are surely familiar to fans of the genre. You have the always addictive Team Deathmatch that doesn’t require further introduction. Destruction is a pretty hectic, team-based focused game mode where your team has to protect containers and attack the enemy ones. Classes come into play in this mode, with the choice of Assault, Support, Recon and Command, with different skills depending on your role. This has the potential to become the main Black Squad game mode. There are several other modes, including Capture and Assassination, not all of them perfect, but no matter what your preferences are, you’ll find a couple of favourite modes and stick to them.

Graphically, Black Squad is above average, occasionally with great textures and effects, and seems to run smoothly even on older computers. It’s both functional and pretty, clean as it should be for such a game.

For a game in Early Access, Black Squad is already a very addictive and rewarding experience. As tired as the military theme may sound to some of you, you’ll immediately forget that as soon as you begin running around the maps and taking out your enemies. Black Squad was a great surprise and the game can only grow from here, with more content and a little bit more polish – there are some English grammar mistakes that definitely need to go, and more diverse character models should be a priority. Don’t miss out on this game, it’s a diamond in the rough. Don’t forget to sign up by clicking the link in the video description. Have fun!


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