Blade and Soul (Free MMORPG China): Lvl 35 Female Gon Destroyer Cross-Server Dungeon

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This Blade and Soul gameplay video showcases the cross-server party matching system. When you press F8 you're teleported to a lobby where you're able to select almost all the dungeons in the game. There are two modes, for 4 and 6 players. When your party is selected, the game sends you to a second lobby where you can talk with the NPC which will give you the repeatable quest, so you don't need to walk around and teleport map to map to get those quests. There is also a seller NPC, so you can also make some room in your inventory. With this system, it's really easy and fast to complete all the daily quests, at least until level 36, where the first properly tough dungeon comes. This is an alternative way to complete the regular dungeons, all the dungeons are still available in their respective maps locally.

Blade and Soul's open beta in China began in November 2013 and Tencent reportedly had over 165 servers to try to ease all players in. Blade and Soul is a free MMORPG in China, unlike the original Korean version, while so far there are no updates on the North American and European versions. This video made by editor Rendermax showcases the Gon Female Destroyer in the cross-server party matching system.

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Video by FreeMMOStation editor Rendermax (


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