Ghost Recon Phantoms video review 2014


This is our Ghost Recon Phantoms review, a free tactical third-person shooter from Ubisoft, previously known as Ghost Recon Online. Ghost Recon Phantoms officially launched on April 10th, 2014.

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Ghost Recon Phantoms is a free to play tactical third-person shooter that has a control scheme similar to Rainbow Six: Vegas mixed in with Gears of War. Learning the movement mechanics of the game is certainly the hardest part of the learning curve. You can duck behind cover, slide, jump over obstacles, no wall running to be seen here but at least we do have a meaningful variety of tactical choices when it comes to firefights, it can just get awkward. There is a cooldown timer after running and doing certain other actions that prevents you from instant firing promoting for a more strategic approach to gameplay but making it just a bit less intuitive.

Ghost Recon: Phantoms seems to be setting up itself for a competitive scene and those who enjoy maxing stats and trying different builds will enjoy the selection of weapons and gear from the store. Other than that, you choose from 3 classes which can be switched at any time, and use the items restricted to them. You also need to level these classes up individually.

As far as gameplay goes, it was fun. I had the most fun with the Assault Class using the shield and shotgun combo but it was kind of awesome to see enemies fade in and out of cloak and also see other people’s special abilities in use. I can absolutely see this being a popular game and it has a shot at being competitive, so I’ll go ahead and recommend this for anyone interested in a more hardcore experience though to be fair, the game seems welcoming to new players despite its somewhat challenging learning curve.

There are a lot of aesthetic choices in this game that actually impact gameplay for the better, such as being able to see enemies through walls that your teammate has direct vision of, or knowing when you have line of sight with an ally. All this information is delivered in a slightly distracting but stylized way.

Graphics aren’t horrible but on all max I still didn’t get the visual presence that I wanted and yet it still only ran at 60 fps or less when I would expect it to run higher than that – keep in mind that I have an average gaming PC. Still, while this game doesn’t seem to have everything going for it all at once, it is a unique experience and does everything it sets out to do well. In a market filled with run and gun shooters, it is nice to see a game that sticks to its roots and yet still manages to make it appealing for casual gamers especially because of the fact that it is free to play. Completely worth trying.

Similar games to this would be Blacklight Retribution and Warface. In fact, I would say that this game is a mix between the two. So if you liked this footage go check those games out or if you have played those please give Ghost Recon: Phantoms a try. I had fun and I will be playing it off and on in between Tribes Ascend and Blacklight: Retribution.


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