Guild Wars 2 Dungeons (Free to Play 2015)

The Guild Wars 2 dungeons are something that will take you a lot of time and can sometimes be pretty difficult and impressive. We give you some hints on what makes a dungeon and how interesting they are to play, and are especially amazing in the first time. Definitely try Guild Wars 2 now that the game is free to play.

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  • ExRage

    I quit gw2 when i met my first dungeon.Tried to do the story mode solo, had no chance. the first 2 mobs destroyed me so it was clearly meant for a party.I assumed story mode was meant for me(solo dungeon less xp and gold,weaker items weaker mobs and bosses). I went with a party : everyone ran like crazy ignoring everything and stopped only at key points like bosses. I get it.They had done that dungeon 100 times. But how am i going to enjoy the story that way. Didn’t have time to see what am i supposed to do or anything.By the time i finish watching the cinematics my team is on the other side of the map.Melee fighting in dungeon is absurd to me. Mobs have high damage so dungeons should be the place where u need to be most focused and use your skills and evade the best way you can. But the problem is you don’t see anything. You don’t see when a mob is trying to attack so u know to dodge, is auras and circles on the ground all over the place and just can’t understand a thing. If u are ranged this problem disappears but i don’t play that.I had the same problem with pvp in this game. I don’t know, maybe i’m just noob and didn’t gave it a enough chances. I think the game is amazing and that’s why i’m frustrated with those aspects that kinda prevents me from playing it. Sorry for bad english, not my mother language. Gj freemmostation i check u out daily.

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    • Thank you for sharing and for sticking with us! 🙂 And yes, most MMORPGs aren’t easy to get into, a lot of players are rushing dungeons and it takes some time to find a decent party to go with you.

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