Loot Gaming Battleground September 2016 Unboxing | Gears of War 4, Fallout…

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Hey everyone! As gaming fans that we all are, you’ve probably heard of Loot Crate before. In case you don’t know what it’s all about, it’s a subscription service where you can get monthly loot from different themes, from anime to clothing and, of course, gaming. We decided it was about time that we gave it a try and of course we chose the Loot Gaming Crate, no question there. If you like this one or the other themes, you can get 10% off if you subscribe to Loot Crate through our link in the video description.

This crate usually comes with loot from some big franchises and the September theme is Battleground, so we should expect some hard-as-nails games. We weren’t wrong, with Gears of War 4 leading the pack, closely followed by Fallout, Dark Souls, Dead Rising 4 and the classic Battlezone. Some of the best franchises ever created, you’ll have to agree.

What immediately caught our attention was the Gears of War 4 package. Inside was a replica of the most popular weapon from this series, the Lancer Assault Rifle. The detail is great on this one, there are splashes of Locust blood on the chainsaw, and now that we mention it, if you press the chainsaw teeth, you can feel that they’re sharp enough to look convincing. Not that they will cut you, mind, it’s still a figure, and one that we liked a lot.

Then we have the Dead Rising 4 pack, obviously inspired by the horror franchise where you have to fight thousands of zombies with the craziest and deadlier weapons that you can think of. Frank West is the most recognizable character in the series and we get a multi-tool that tries to capture the weapon inventing spirit of the games. Think of it as a sort of simpler Swiss army knife, but it still has quite some tricks up its sleeve. There’s a flashlight, pliers, and a few other handy utensils, all of this in a really well designed and small tool.

What do Battlezone and shot glasses have in common? Well, not much except that this classic tank game is embellishing two shot glasses in this gaming crate. Faithfully recreating the 1980 original arcade game with its black screen and green and red wireframe vector graphics, these shot glasses feature the map screen and the Game Over screen from Battlezone.

The blue Fallout t-shirt actually serves two purposes – it makes you look cool, especially if you’re friends with other fans of the series, and you get to see dozens of styles of the charismatic Vault Boy – maybe more, we didn’t count. In fact, when you’re bored and with nothing to do, you can always check the t-shirt in detail and count the figures, it should keep you busy for a while.

Dark Souls fans get a lovely comic, Legends of the Flame, featuring an exclusive cover and four pages of concept art from the talented artist Alan Quah.

There’s a big Battlefield 1 poster, perfect if you’re waiting for the return of this popular first-person shooter series, and it’s all nicely wrapped up with the coin pin of the month with the Battleground theme.

Overall, we really enjoyed this Loot Gaming Crate, especially the Gears of War 4 Lancer, Dead Rising 4 multi-tool and the Fallout t-shirt. We hope you liked watching this unboxing – don’t forget to take advantage of the Loot Crate promotional link on the video description and let us know if you want to see more videos like this.


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