RuneScape 3 Video Review 2014

This is our RuneScape 3 review, the free-to-play MMO game which earned a place in the Guinness World Records as the world's largest free MMORPG and most updated game.

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I’m Sky bringing you my first impressions of the massively popular game from Jagex, RuneScape. You know, the one that is featured in the Guinness World Records as the largest and most updated free MMORPG.

Little do people know that there used to be a 2D RuneScape. Then came the 3D game we have all come to know and love and now with the latest 2013 engine update, we can consider this the last chapter of the trilogy – RuneScape 3. However, to be perfectly honest, it is really just an overhaul in a few aspects. Accounts and most of the mechanics are completely carried over and the big difference really lies in the graphics and physics. While RuneScape doesn’t really have physics, now, with the new update to the engine, anything is possible with the future of the game and that is what makes it so exciting. RuneScape is now essentially in a beta and will be going through some massive changes especially considering a year’s time, but this review will focus on what they have going on right this moment. We’ll leave the huge potential for another opportunity.

First, I really appreciate the story and the quest content. In fact, I have always loved the questing in this game over all other MMO games I have played ever since. Quests are funny, smart, some are very difficult, and all of them have a character and an experience you will remember. Now, there are cinematics and cutscenes and even if they are very cheesy, this actually fits very well with the RuneScape theme. The graphics are a bit better but really, they are just as harsh as ever. It has almost become an art style if you think about it though. Later on, because of the new engine, the graphics could change 360 degrees and new effects could potentially come into play. Already we see some like bloom and increased draw distance, however, this takes a toll on PCs more than it should especially if you are playing the browser-based version. Luckily, you can download the game to your PC and I did experience slight frame rate improvements playing with a client.

The UI is more customizable than before but I have to admit there is a bit of clutter when it comes to it, especially the new quest log system. I prefer simpler things when it comes to UI, luckily RuneScape’s just about as bad as many other free to play games, so we can live with it.

One thing you will notice about the user interface that is different from before is the addition of an action bar. You can now cast abilities, which increases the skill level and skill ceiling for the game dramatically. It did make fighting more strategic and I had a better time than simply auto attacking but RuneScape still gives a very clunky feeling and is in no way near League of Legends level of character control – not that we’re saying the games have anything in common.

For the most part, it is still the same game many players loved so long ago but with just a bit more production than before, and infinitely more potential. If you ever thought of revisiting a game, now would be a great time. RuneScape always had such an open ended design and now with player influence being bigger than it ever has, we could see great and innovative things come out of a game that could have died long ago.

For the most part, it is the same game now. You can still level everything in the order you want and though the start of the game is a bit more streamlined, it is far more eventful and mid to late game is much more organic with all of the content that has been constantly added. Trading is huge now and with more and more to be added to the game, I can see this game’s economy growing with its population.

If you are a fan of humor, crafting, trading, and social game design, then I recommend you take a look at RuneScape 3.


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