Top 10 Free Online Games 2014 (Skylent Editor’s Choice)

Skylent Shore, editor, one of the most active gamers and connoisseur of the free-to-play MMO market, revealed his current top 10 with the games that he keeps coming back to play. No genre or year boundaries, this is Skylent Shore Editor's Choice Top 10 Free Online Games 2014.

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  • Elder Titan

    LoL players Youre Free Butthurt On why he choosed Dota 2 (Wich is Beast Game) Over your Crappy Cartoon Rate E game xD

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  • Obamu

    I like Dota 2 too, got bored of LoL, you can’t have much fun as Dota2, ask who can toss your teammates to your enemies? only Tiny can! If I get low prio or banned just make a new account! yeah Dota 2 beast game.

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  • Vince

    I’m a big, big fan of Vindictus’ combat too! Played Dragon Nest a bit a year or so ago and also dug it, but the Source-Powered destruction in Vindictus is something I just find to be more fun.

    Grappling enemies – a mechanic that instantly reminds me of classic brawlers like Streets of Rage – and throwing people around or slamming them into stuff and watching it crumble is just such a satisfying cherry on top of the already delicious combat cake… that analogy makes sense, I think ( ^ – ^ ). Hard to spend much cash on it though; outfit pieces ARE overpriced ($8 for a shirt, permanently? And the terrible 7-day and 30-day ‘rental’ options? Ugh), but it is a fantastic title regardless of the monetization.

    Interesting list regardless! A nice mix of everything, it seems – including some fantastic titles that you just don’t hear much – like Tribes? Cool. Magicka? Never mentioned in these lists. Nice!

    No one will convince me that Nosgoth is worth checking out though. Call me “butthurt” all you want, but they should have made it an original title. I really don’t want that to succeed, at all. Legacy of Kain has been dormant for at least a decade, and this isn’t how you bring it back… just like how EA will resurrect an IP like Dungeon Keeper or Ultima for shallow, exploitative mobile garbage? It’s just no right. Not gonna support it.

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