Done with Fallout 4? Play a Fallout MMO right now


So, you took a few days off to play Fallout 4 and you’re pretty much done with it? Well, it looks like you won’t be getting another Fallout game soon enough and while Bethesda has the rights to make a Fallout MMORPG, this could still take a long time to happen, if at all – considering that Elder Scrolls Online isn’t exactly doing terrifically, an online Fallout game could not sound as appealing as it did to Bethesda a while ago.

And this is where fans come to the rescue (thanks 2P)! There are a few free Fallout MMOs out there that were created with love and care by fans of the series, specifically of the two first Fallout games – you know, the ones with an isometric point of view and brutal, uncensored gameplay. FOnline 2 is the big one and is set during the year 2237, just 4 years before events known from Fallout 2 took place. It currently has a nice playerbase and all the staples that made the franchise great: a main quest line and side-quests, PvP, you can join the Enclave, the Brotherhood of Steel or go at it alone, and you can enter in turn-based fights in random encounters all over the Wasteland, or participate in massive real-time battles between rival factions to take control over towns.

Do note that you need a copy of Fallout 2 to play this MMORPG, something that should be easy to find and cost you no more than a few bucks. Here is one gameplay video.

The other fan-made Fallout MMORPG is based on the FOnline 2 engine. Called FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix, it is set in Phoenix, Arizona, around 2220. This one is PvP-focused, combat is completely in real-time and includes a completely reworked character system, an advanced system of factions and reputation, four main factions (Jim & Jack & Joe Lawyer Agency, the Family, the Brahminboys and the V-Technologists), and more. This is completely free but just as FOnline 2, you need a copy of Fallout 2 to play.

Now the ball is in Bethesda’s side, so let’s hope the studio is actually developing a Fallout MMORPG and learning from the mistakes made with Elder Scrolls Online.


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  • TheMysticalNinja

    “Now the ball is in Bethesda’s side”

    So are their lawyers

    “learning from the mistakes made with
    Elder Scrolls Online”

    They seem to have done that already, since it’s quite a popular game on Steam.

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  • Martin Ivanov

    we need fallout mmo !!! they did eso now we need foo! go bethesda

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    • Jack Wright

      As you can see by this article there’s already one, and it’s 20 times better than ESO or any other crap bethesda could churn out.

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      • Martin Ivanov

        that on the video ?!?!

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  • Kelborne

    Looks like a clusterfuck from 1991.

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