Moonlight Blade is coming to NA and EU

moonlight blade 1

It looks like Moonlight Blade, Tencent’s cool and sometimes stunning martial arts MMORPG may be coming to North America and Europe during 2017. There’s no official English announcement yet, but a new video talking about an upcoming update (probably the one that brings the loli customization option) was apparently used to announced the western servers. We say apparently because our Mandarin is a bit rusty, but it looks like at 2:02 is where the talk about the western version happens. The video description also includes “English server coming soon” and several comments mention that too (for example, “new servers coming soon [KR/TW/EU/NA]”), so it’s looking like a solid thing.

Doubts remain, of course. While Nexon is launching the Korean server, we don’t know who will handle the NA/EU servers – it could be Tencent itself, but we have the feeling that it will be a different publisher. Let’s just hope that this game won’t take a couple of years before release, as Revelation Online and Moonlight Blade would make a very interesting battle of martial arts MMORPGs.


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  • Nicolas Sosa

    hoo yea!

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  • Miguel Andrade

    Looks like a great game, its alot like Age of Wushu(Wulin) wich was a great game and i loved it, just hope i comes west while there is still ppl interested or it will become a low population MMO wich is not fun. And hope they dont destroy it when they launch it here, not that i can talk mutch since i didnt play it just saw videos, and hope it wont become p2w or have a system like AoW were VIPs lvlup offline and online and Non Vips only Online cause maybe ppl dont think but that is p2w i mean ppl with money will be higher lvl than you. Still AoW is not that p2w(At least while i played now i dont know) but that aspect is a SHIT.

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  • CycloneInAmes

    Although the video did mention about TW/NA/EU servers, the official word is “in the future” which means it still has a long way to go. Also, according to the video it seems that Tencent is currently focusing on Chinese version. It is still possible that we may see it come overseas in 2017 but I would say late 2018 to be safe. Tencent is extremely slow on beta testing even only in Chinese region.

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    • FreeMMOStation

      Yes, “in the future” is far from clear. My guess would be first NA/Eu tests to begin early 2018 – still a long way to go for sure.

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