Blade Hunter

THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Final

Blade Hunter is a free beat 'em up browser MMORPG in the tradition of arcade classics such as Double Dragon and Dungeon Fighter Online. Players choose one of three powerful classes – Valkyrie, Knight, and Rogue – and set off on a side-scrolling journey to unlock legendary combat techniques and stop the world from plunging into all-out war.

Although Blade Hunter sometimes shows its roots of a generic side-scrolling MMORPG, the combat approach is definitely a step in the right direction, with some very flashy and colorful action, impressive skills and nicely animated bosses of frequently amazing sizes. Even if the characters seem like they were cut from paper and don’t have a palpable depth to them, this may contribute to create a nice aesthetic that fits perfectly with the lush backgrounds. It’s a shame that the armor and items equipped aren’t visible in our fighter, so expect to see a lot of clones in the battleground.

Unlike many browser MMORPGs, Blade Hunter offers players direct (and remappable) keyboard control of their characters. A wide array of moves – from basic melee strikes, to brutal uppercuts, to devastating Bladesoul summons – can be freely strung together into multi-hit combos. It won't be easy, though! A huge bestiary of enemies inspired by myth and legend will try their best to prevent the Blade Hunters from succeeding in their quest. The largest enemies of all – fire-breathing dragons, gargantuan golems, and screen-spanning sea monsters – will challenge new fans, beat 'em up enthusiasts, and MMORPG veterans alike!

Yet players won't have to face these challenges alone. Characters can form pickup groups, longer-term parties, and guilds to show their heroic spirit. Robust item synthesis, gem socketing, and enchantment systems let Blade Hunters assemble the perfect set of gear. And all players, even those dedicated to the solo experience, can benefit from the combat support of NPC sidekicks!

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