Dragon Raja X Evangelion collaboration event

THEME: Pirates | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Final

Seafight is a successful MMORPG from Bigpoint, possessing a fundamental style similar to two of their other hits – DarkOrbit and Deepolis. It’s an easy game to play and a simple distraction from other, more complex free MMO games.

The player has to accomplish some missions to win fame and fortune, consequently improving his ship and crew and becoming the most feared pirate in Seafight. In Seafight there are two currencies: gold and pearls. You can earn gold by finishing a mission, hunting some monsters or battling other ships. Pearls, however, are more difficult to obtain, since they have to be purchased in the in-game store with real money. This is the usual monetization in the game that provides some players with important advantages to progress faster in the adventure.

Dragon Raja X Evangelion collaboration event

Seafight is a good game with some functional yet pretty graphics and visual effects, and gameplay is simple enough to please. The pirate theme is a rarity – Puzzle Pirates shares the theme but offers a completely different, more puzzle-based approach – and the life of a virtual pirate can be interesting.

Dragon Raja X Evangelion collaboration event


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