Eudemons Online Steam Release and Giveaway: Revisiting the Classic MMORPG

Eudemons Online Steam Release

How many of you are familiar with a couple of games that can be rightfully considered classic MMORPGs? I’m talking about Eudemons Online and Conquer Online, both developed by TQ Digital, who is sponsoring this video. We’ve revisited the former game earlier this year to see how this fantasy MMORPG is holding up, after its original release way back in 2006. Now, we’re giving it another spin just in time for the Steam release. Eudemons Online remains as one of the longest-running MMOs in the west, is now coming to Steam, and by now everyone with an older computer should be able to play it without any issues.

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After so many years, Eudemons Online doesn’t look half bad, and while 3D tech gives you another level of freedom and control options, this is a good-looking MMORPG all the same, thanks to the visual effects and a keen eye for bright colors and nice artwork.

Eudemons Online should be available on Steam right now, once again as a free-to-play game featuring an advanced pet system. It’s not always easy to gauge a game’s popularity by the traditional means, especially for a game that has been around for so long, so I’m curious to see the reaction that it will get from fans of the genre when it lands on Valve’s digital storefront. I know for a fact that many players are more inclined toward playing a certain game if it is released on Steam, and I’m confident that this could be a nice boost for a game that, all things considered, can be deemed a classic of the genre.

Eudemons Online is still regularly updated, with the latest content expansion Rolling Fate dating from last July. Among other things, it adds the new dragon continent, new zone Space of Doom, and the new challenge Eternal Hell, where it is advised to go in a party of five members. Go in alone and die, just like I did. A Halloween event is planned as well, running for a couple of weeks and surely featuring a healthy dose of scary pumpkins, bats, and candy.

The pet system allows you to hatch, raise, and summon up to three Eudemons to battle by your side, depending on you fulfilling the requirements. They grow and level up alongside you, bring their own skills and buffs into the battle, thus requiring a sensible choice of Eudemons to form a balanced team. Experiment and decide which ones you should level up and use them in the most effective way, instead of wasting your time and resources on units that won’t be beneficial in the long run.

These creatures are a varied bunch, one of the coolest being the panda, personally speaking, which I believe is one of the latest releases, and apparently one of the most popular as well. It has loads of panda style going for it – obviously –, the animations are smooth, and if you summon the small pet panda to go along as well, a cuteness overload ensues.

Counting with a few color and stats variations, I would say that the number of available Eudemons is comfortably over two hundred, ranging from warrior to mage or alien types, among others. Some Eudemons also double as mounts, such as the aforementioned panda, which is in fact called Forestwalker. I still prefer to call it panda, pure and simple. If you adopt a baby as well, you manage to form a respectable party without even counting with the help of other players. Two’s company, three’s a crowd… what about six?

Eudemons Online high level gameplay Steam release

Since I was given a high-level account to easily explore the world of Eudemons Online, you won’t be seeing any straightforward early gameplay here. You may recognize some areas such as Cronus, but the truth is that my Mage is overpowered for most of the locations, and that is why you see him unleashing devastating one-hit attacks on reckless foes. There are two skills in particular that I really like to use: the thunder ray, where you cast a powerful ray that you can freely aim, and the thunder blast, which continuously rains down thunder in areas that you pick. There’s no denying that there’s an old-school flavor to combat, but it remains enjoyable due to its sense of urgency and range of skills at your disposal.

Some areas are easy on the eyes and feature interesting depth-of-field effects, blurring the background to lend it a credible style. The Elven City region is a great example of this technique, as you move around in this city built on trees – I hope you don’t have fear of heights because the fall is going to be a long one. Some areas are very appealing, while others are somewhat harsh and uninspired, for example the volcano region. The graphic quality is uneven but overall enjoyable – when the areas look good, they really shine through their vivid colors and detail.

There are seven classes in total, which doesn’t seem like a large number for a game that has been around for ages. Perhaps this area wasn’t the focus of the creators and instead they decided to release additional story quests and challenges to improve the level cap and endgame content, but who knows if there isn’t a new class in the making as we speak. For now, you can choose between Mage, Warrior, Necromancer, Vampire, Paladin, Shadow Knight, and Ranger – you can only unlock this last one by completing chapter 10. The Vampire easily takes the trophy as the most original of the bunch, with a focus on physical attacks and single target damage. You can choose between male and female, a feature that I’m starting to wonder if it is becoming more and more a thing of the past, with the spread of gender locking in most new MMOs.

You control your character during movement and battle via a point and click system. Some MMOs still favor this method instead of the more immediate action-based WASD controls, so it’s not like there’s much to complain about it, it’s purely a matter of taste. However, if you’re not a fan of click to move – even if you can keep the mouse button pressed to walk –, you can open the region map and click on the available points of interest, from teleport NPCs to quests or monsters. Your character will auto-move to the desired location, sparing you the trouble of navigating the area.

With so many years running and several updates, Eudemons Online now comes with more features than you can shake a stick at. Quantity won’t always equal quality, but there’s no denying that you have many ways of leveling up your character and raise your battle power. The most common ways are by summoning Eudemons, team up with family members, own a castle, upgrade your gear, or become part of a Legion, which is another name for a guild – massive legion wars are part of the game.

So, why should you look forward to the Steam release of Eudemons Online? First and foremost, because it’s a solid entry in the genre and a nice piece of MMORPG history that is worthy of being experienced. Secondly, the Eudemons pet system deserves an attentive look by gamers and other studios because it’s a fun and clever take on assembling your very own army of one. Finally, despite the aging game engine, combat and visuals still stand up today when compared to many other MMOs – in the specific case of players looking for a game with low system requirements, this would be a good choice. There’s more than enough depth in Eudemons Online to satisfy fans of theme-park MMORPGs, and the Steam release is surely going to seal the deal for them. Give it a shot and may the best Eudemons come your way.

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