Game Duel: Blade & Soul vs. Revelation

In Game Duel, we pit two games against each other in a battle that will be decided by YOU, the players. Current games or upcoming titles will enter a duel that only the best will survive. May the greatest games win!


If hype is something to consider, then this is an extremely unfair duel; Blade and Soul has been around for years – well, technically only, for us western players – while Revelation is a game from a fairly unknown Chinese developer with aspirations of becoming NetEase's greeting card. Considering this, which way would you go, the popular fellow or the new kid on the block: Blade & Soul or Revelation?

Where should we begin with Blade & Soul? This is a game that has been around for a while in regions such as Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan and Russia, but the lack of communication from NCsoft concerning the North American and European versions is disheartening. This MMORPG is quickly gaining the vaporware designation as far as the west is concerned, but even over a couple of years after the latest official news, it's still highly anticipated, something that very few games can claim. A top quality MMORPG in many respects, Blade & Soul is known for its amazing art style and impressive graphics, one of the best character creation systems and fast-paced hybrid action combat. Even the storyline is actually interesting, with the nice cinematics to go along.

Revelation is the underdog in this battle but don't let it fool you – this is shaping up to be a very decent MMORPG that is actually a little more than a Blade & Soul clone. This game also includes some Aion sprinkles in the shape of all manner of wings, and we know that some players are absolutely crazy about wings, for some reason. Revelation also looks great, maybe not quite Blade & Soul level but still very similar, and the character customization is very in-depth as well. The Revelation China closed beta began in January, so it's highly unlikely that we'll get to see the game before 2016 – there are rumors of an English release, but it's still too early to have any official confirmation.

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