Girl Cafe Gun 2: Anime Action RPG Shooter Gameplay (Android)

Girl Cafe Gun 2 Anime Action RPG Shooter

Girl Cafe Gun 2 is a top-down isometric action RPG shooter featuring dozens of cute anime girls to unlock and use. You can control three girls simultaneously, using different weapons and skills. You can manage the girls cafe, placing them in different locations in a way similar to Honkai Impact 3rd.

Girl Cafe Gun 2 draws inspiration from the aforementioned game by miHoYo, but takes a different approach to the action RPG gameplay. Instead of placing you in a battlefield with a third-person perspective, you're fighting with an aerial view that is mostly seen in twin-stick arcade shooters. However, and seeing that this is a mobile game, the girls automatically lock their fire on the enemies, sparing you the trouble of aiming.

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The cast is entirely comprised of cute anime girls that you can unlock through gameplay progress, or by resorting to the usual gacha mechanics. Still, you'll have a decent roster of warriors in no time without having to spend any cash. Each girl comes with a different ability and you can equip specific weapons, as well as upgrading their firepower. There is a dodge button that you can tap so that your team swiftly steers clear from danger.

You start controlling one girl of the ROSE organization, but soon you'll have a full team of three girls under your control. They act as a single unit, so you won't have to micro-manage their movement – the only thing that you need to worry about is activating their unique abilities, especially when you are facing a boss.

When you're not fighting, you can head over to the Cafe and place your girls in different rooms and activities, watching as they go about in their chibi ways and improve their stats.

Girl Cafe Gun 2 is a surprisingly fun game that comes with the added appeal of the cute anime cast, something that is surely going to convince a few players to give it a try.

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