Blade and Soul Complete update coming December with Unreal Engine 4 revamp

Blade and Soul Complete Unreal Engine 4 update

The Blade and Soul Complete update is coming to South Korea in December. The highlight of the new release is the Unreal Engine 4 graphical upgrade, something that was widely known as the Vision Update. It was teased a couple of times before, leaving many players excited about the beautiful new graphics.

NCsoft released a new video for the update, but instead of actual gameplay, we're getting a cinematic (via MMOCulture). It is as beautiful as they come and perhaps it was even created using Unreal Engine 4, but in no way it tells us how the enhanced Blade and Soul is going to look like in its final build.

The official site for the Blade & Soul Complete update is live, so if you know your Korean, give it a look. This update is coming to North America and Europe in 2020, probably in the later half. In a couple of months we should start seeing tons of videos showcasing the upgraded Blade and Soul graphics, and that will be good enough to make our minds up about the quality of the UE4 graphics.

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