DoomCar First Look – New Mobile Strategy RPG

DoomCar First Look

Hey guys, welcome to DoomCar, a new post-apocalyptic mobile strategy RPG. Let me begin by putting on my best trailer voice to narrate the story of the game. I apologize beforehand if my Chinese is a bit rusty, but don’t worry, the global release will bring full English subtitles so that you don’t miss a thing. Let’s begin.

Dude was finally going to get lucky tonight. He had the bouquet, his stylish leather jacket, and his smooth talk. However, traffic was an absolute chaos as it always is, so he decided to order a pizza. When Uber Eats arrived, he looked in awe at the new delivery drones, when suddenly… fireballs! Huge explosions! He uttered his final words, “Damn it, I’m going to die a virgin.”. The year was 2058 and except for from the alien invasion, it was just like your average day in California. When all hope seemed lost, the white Teletubbies appeared and gave the dude a second shot at life, and hopefully a clean shirt as well.

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Perhaps that’s not quite how the DoomCar story goes exactly, but we were sponsored to tell you about it, and here it goes: this is a new mobile strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic environment and featuring car combat. It’s like Mad Max on wheels, except that Mad Max is pretty much on wheels already, so that analogy turned out to be kinda dumb. Fury Road is the obvious inspiration for this game, but with less Tom Hardy and way more cars with pointy things. And scantily clad ladies. Yes, it’s probably something in the water, or the air is so poisonous and warm that they have to wear few clothes to survive in the wastelands. Hey, Kojima tried to get away with an even lamer excuse for Quiet, so why not? Photosynthesis, right? What the heck was that!

If you like the way that this game sounds, you can pre-register on Google Play and earn a $20 in-game pack as a gift. This includes an exclusive picture frame, 300 diamonds, and 20,000 coins. On the other hand, you may prefer the iOS version, but that is coming a bit later, so follow DoomCar’s Facebook page to get all the updates.

This isn’t a full-on review, but more of an introduction to the game, so what is DoomCar all about? Cars blasting each other to smithereens, that’s what. Combat is pretty much automated, so you sit back and play a tactical role, choosing and upgrading cars, or chariots as they are called, and dealing with the intricacies of a color-coded system: red beats green, green beats blue, blue beats red, and so on. Carefully picking your line-up for each battle is the wise approach, but I’m reckless and I just go with the flow. You know, like Max.

There are over 100 cars to unlock and customize, with some cool rusty designs (I have seen things), but sadly no guitar shredding Doof Warrior in sight, although the game has some smashing guitar riffs now and then. You unlock new rides and also earn them via the gacha, in a traditional, collectible card game kind of way.

There’s a main questline in DoomCar where you and your crew travel the wasteland in search of resources and cars to blast. Each mission gives you gold and items that you can use to upgrade your vehicles and weapons, turning your starting machines into all-out death bringers.

It’s all about that combat power, which you must increase by leveling up your cars and evolving them, crafting and equipping better gear and weapons, and facing enemy teams with crazy attack patterns and weird skills. Taking out healers is top priority and adapting your lineup to the enemy crew based on the color codes is crucial to stand a chance. There is a time limit for each battle, so you don’t have the luxury to enjoy the sights.

Cross-server guild versus guild warfare is an option, with some interesting guild activities such as this one called Elimination. This time, you’re not sitting behind the wheel; instead, you’re shooting missiles, like some sort of post-apocalyptic Duck Hunt where cars play ducks, but with a notorious lack of quacking. It’s fun for a change.

One on one PvP is also part of the package. Watch me crush my rivals as I laugh in a decidedly evil way, showcasing my superiority that is bolstered by many hours of pre-release gameplay. Take that, pitiful wastelanders.

By now you already know what kind of game DoomCar is, and how it plays. The gameplay footage speaks volumes, and this is the sort of ultra-competitive game where things start nice and easy, until all hell breaks loose and you have to shape up or ship out.

That’s DoomCar in a nutshell. It has cars, it’s all doom and gloom, and if you like it, you can get a gift pack worth $20 bucks if you pre-register. Check the video description for all the links that matter and have fun!

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