Marvel Future Revolution Review | Open World Superhero MMORPG

Marvel Future Revolution Review

Hey superheroes, how have you been? Why am I calling you this? Well, because each one of you is super in your own way, of course, and I’ve been playing the heck out of Marvel Future Revolution (play free on PC now). This is the latest superhero game based on the Marvel franchise, and it was made by Netmarble, makers of Marvel Future Fight. Maybe we should start calling them NetMarvel? Ba Dum Tss! Anyway, we’ll delve deeper into the multiverse of this open world MMORPG in this Marvel Future Revolution review.

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Netmarble has delivered a tight, ambitious, yet familiar MMORPG here, perfect for Marvel fans and even players who aren’t too invested in the franchise. You begin by picking one of eight heroes, all of them unlocked right off the bat: Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Storm, Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange. Where’s my man Hulk at? Probably in an update further down the road, alongside Thor, Wolverine, Deadpool, and a few more.

The leveling system works in a duality that requires you to invest yourself in various heroes. You level up each hero in your squad and they all contribute to the squad rank, which increases the squad power across all of them. This means that leveling up your main is going to be the most arduous task, while the alts benefit from valuable squad bonuses. Besides, you can strengthen your heroes with omega cards and badges, both of which you can store and consequently share with your other characters, once again cutting some corners in the leveling process. Your money pool is also shared, so you must be careful who you want to level up first, as everything from upgrading skills to socketing cores can become quite expensive.

Marvel Future Revolution is described as open world, but it is divided in a handful of increasingly difficult regions that you must unlock. The gameplay isn’t groundbreaking, consisting of a mix of combat, completing main, side, and hidden quests, collecting stuff, and overall increasing your character’s combat rating. It’s standard stuff, but it’s really well made and it looks terrific, so it comes with undeniable appeal.

Marvel Future Revolution Review

However, auto-play rears its ugly head, not that you weren’t expecting it already. Since the game does become a grind, you’re going to use it anyway, otherwise your heroes would take a long time becoming the legends that they are. With that being said, every once in a while you enter a mission where a boss will stop you on your tracks, as auto-combat is a bit… dumb. Dodging attacks and using the right skills and the ultimate is something that only you can perform flawlessly, so these hurdles will require your direct intervention.

There are squad rank barriers as well. To overcome these, you hit dailies and especially operations, with Blitz being the highlight, but tons of achievements also reward you with squad rank experience. Or you can switch heroes and level up your alt, that’s a good way as well.

Netmarble did a great job with the heroes. They feel right as they should, from Storm’s thundering attacks to Doctor Strange’s arcane spells, or Black Widow’s athletic kicks. The graphics are great and seeing heroes group up to take down a world boss results in a myriad of visual effects. But it’s the thousands of outfit combinations that really bring the heroes to life, as you combine parts to come up with unique looks. Collecting these costume parts is going to become the priority for many players, and the results can be really good.

On the other hand, I’m not entirely sure about Omega War and other PvP activities, as I suspect that paying players may have the upper hand here.

Still, this is a pretty good game and I’m addicted to it, trying to complete every mission from the Activity Log. Marvel fan or not, give it a go, there’s plenty to like about this superhero MMORPG.

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