Marvel Future Revolution

Marvel Future Revolution Game Download

Marvel Future Revolution game download

Marvel Future Revolution Release Date and Info PUBLISHER: Netmarble | DEVELOPER: Netmarble
GENRE: MMORPG | THEME: Cartoon, Fantasy
PLATFORM: Mobile (Android, iOS) | STATUS: Final September 25, 2021

Marvel Future Revolution review

Marvel Future Revolution is the next mobile RPG from Netmarble, makers of the acclaimed Marvel Future Fight. This time the Marvel heroes are going in an open world adventure, experiencing an original narrative written by Marvel Comics writer Marc Sumerak (Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, etc.).

Marvel Future Revolution is an open world 3D mobile RPG designed with top quality graphics, sprawling worlds, and huge freedom for you to explore and fight. Gamers and Marvel fans alike will live a new experience while taking control of super-heroes like Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange, among others. Furthermore, you get to control different versions of these heroes such as Spider-Punk and Hydra Captain America, since the storyline tells us about numerous Earths converging across all dimensions. The result is a new Earth dubbed Primary Earth, where you and other players team up as agents of the brand new Omega Flight Super Hero team. Cooperating in a vast open world, players will battle famous Super Villains and protect the universe.

The Marvel Future Revolution MMORPG is the first open world game on mobile featuring Marvel heroes. Iconic merged locations like Xandearth, Sakaar, New Stark City, and more are available for exploring.

For this superhero MMO, Netmarble is promising the ability to customize heroes into “never-before-seen costume combos,” which sounds like a neat feature.

This sounds like a game that ties in perfectly with another upcoming mobile MMO, Kabam's strategy game Marvel Realm of Champions.

The Marvel Future Revolution release date is yet to be pinned down, but late 2020 is the most likely launch window. As for a PC or consoles port, it is unlikely since Netmarble is focused on the mobile platform and is doing great so far.

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