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November 6, 2012 1 Features, Interviews

FreeMMOStation interviewed RaiderZ Senior Producer Mark Hill about the development and ideas of this popular monster hunting game, as well as future plans. Read on to find out more about RaiderZ. Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Hi! Thanks… Read More »

September 5, 2012 0 Editorials, Features

The talk about a freemium future isn’t exactly new, with more and more high-profile studios showing their love for the hugely popular business model, one which everyone wants to take a piece of the pie from.

August 22, 2012 0 Features, Interviews

SmashMuck Champions is a new free-to-play action strategy game from an independent studio and is trying to charm players with its mix of cute cartoon visuals and compelling gameplay, without all the tribulations of other games in the genre. We… Read More »

August 4, 2012 2 Editorials, Features

The announcement didn’t exactly came as a surprise; with Electronic Arts frequently talking about how freemium is the future and stating that having a subscription model in a free-to-play world is challenging was enough to see that something was brewing.

June 20, 2012 0 Features, Interviews

Allods Online just celebrated its first anniversary in May and this free to play MMORPG from Gala-Net is still going strong, even with one or two hiccups along the way. We asked a few questions to Lori Bray, Producer of… Read More »

June 19, 2012 1 Editorials, Features

All of us know that the free-to-play market is a tough one that will relentlessly chew game after game without any kind of regret. Some games manage to get a considerable player base and can happily endure a couple of… Read More »

June 9, 2012 0 Editorials, Features

Widely regarded as little more than rubbish just a few years ago – and still considered as such by some less informed minds –, free-to-play games are in a stage where evolution is around the corner and mentalities are changing.

November 2, 2011 3 Comics, Features

League of Legends (or LoL for short and for fun) is huge. The Dominion update is only going to make it bigger. This is the most addictive game based on the famous DotA mode and is likely to stay that… Read More »

October 10, 2011 0 Comics, Features

Religion is everywhere in our everyday lives, but it’s not a very common theme in videogames. Besides the lone religious character or a group of Christians here and there, it’s still something that most developers shy away from. But GodStoria:… Read More »

October 3, 2011 0 Editorials, Features

Battlefield 3 is just around the corner and it is one of the most wanted games for the end of 2011. There’s a beta running and players are able to see if their expectations correspond to the reality. It’s easy… Read More »