Dragon Raja First Impressions | Sci-Fi Meets Fantasy in Stunning UE4 MMORPG

Dragon Raja MMORPG impressions preview

I bet you’ve heard all that bland press blurb before – the next step for mobile MMORPGs, unmatched console-quality visuals, yada, yada, yada, you know the deal. It’s only natural that we’re all a bit cold by now. However, there is one game that we’ve been following for months and could finally deliver on those promises: Dragon Raja by ZuLong Games, who was kind enough to sponsor this video. Read on to learn more about our Dragon Raja first impressions.

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We have the official English trailer anticipating the global release, which is bound to happen soon, so hang in there, guys, it’s coming. Pre-registration is now open, so click the link in the video description to get yourself prepared for the upcoming launch, and let’s get the #DragonRaja hashtag going!

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First of all, let’s watch the full Dragon Raja English trailer, and right after I will try to break it down so that we learn more about the game. Grab the popcorn, make yourself comfortable, and let’s begin.

So, what do you think? Before we make a step-by-step analysis of the new footage, let me say that this is one of the best trailers I’ve seen in many years. The gentle and inconspicuous start is a clever build up to a drastic change of pace, with a hard-hitting rock track setting the tone for the game’s features. The editing is top-notch, with actual in-game footage showing the superb work made with the Unreal Engine 4. If this trailer doesn’t convince you that Dragon Raja looks amazing and has tons of customization options and gameplay potential, then I don’t know what will.

Watching Dragon Raja instantly brings some names to mind, and thankfully these are all good references. The one that instantly pops up when I see the characters is Blade and Soul, with their long legs and colossal detail, but there are hints of Phantasy Star Online 2 and Final Fantasy games as well. I don’t know about you, but I really appreciate the blend of sci-fi and realism that the devs are going for, creating a game with a unique identity that at times feels like an anime had a baby with Blade Runner.

Dragon Raja MMORPG character

Now let’s breakdown the Dragon Raja trailer and compare it with the info that we have doing the rounds, with the help of footage from previous official Dragon Raja videos when necessary. Dragon Raja is introduced as an open world sandbox MMORPG and we’ve confirmed that much by watching some gameplay videos from the China release. You can explore vast sci-fi cities and use rides such as a futuristic bike to move around, as rain pours down and cars roam the streets.

The diverse environments highlight the mix of Western, Chinese and Japanese cultures with fantasy elements, with some brilliant lighting and different weather conditions to immerse us in this picturesque and conflicting world. In fact, early game seems to take place in a snowy environment where your character leaves footprints in the snow – this makes quite a pleasant contrast with the futuristic scenes seen in the trailer.

Something that the trailer shows is a dispensing machine with chibi toys inside. Apparently, you can collect them, but we’re yet to know if they are just for show or if they have an actual purpose, which is highly likely.

Dragon Raja MMORPG family

While you don’t see it in the video, character creation is quite in-depth, with tons of presets and sliders to adjust body and face features. It’s easy to see that you can create a stunning character and choose a distinct style, more grounded such as a sporty type, or go for goth, relaxed, futuristic, steampunk, or casual styles, among others that you can imagine and create for yourself. There are so many styles to choose from, making for a world that is as inclusive as it is engrossing.

Did you see those cars zipping around and the hoverboards and wing gliders soaring the skies? Well, car racing is something that you can participate in, and I’m assuming the flying vehicles are for more than mobility purposes alone. The next scene shows a bunch of people having a blast at a concert, and the uplifting confirmation that you can join players from all over the world. The trailer doesn’t go into detail about the profession system, but this is another way that you can distract yourself from your quest and focus on becoming a master of your craft. One of the examples that we’ve heard before mentions starting as a kitchen waiter and progressing until you become a famed chef, worthy of your own Michelin stars.

Dragon Raja MMORPG character cathedral

Next up, we have a glimpse of combat and the available classes. Judging by the looks of it, we’ll have a few classes including the Assassin, Gunner, Mage, and another one that I can’t quite put my finger on. Combat seems to be speedy and flashy, filled to the brim with visual effects.

I’ll honestly say that I haven’t been so excited for a mobile MMORPG in a long time. The idea of a setting where worlds collide is a daring one, and the unusually high production values could finally deliver on the promises of a mobile game that wouldn’t be out of place on PC. We should get a playable English version soon and we’ll be back to give you our impressions on it! In the meantime, don’t forget to preregister with the link in the video description to get ready for release.

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