Seven Knights 2 First Impressions – Calling All Heroes

Seven Knights 2 First Impressions

Calling it Seven Knights is quite the understatement. I’ve counted 46 of them, and I’m fairly certain more will be coming as the game launches and updates are released. But you surely know that I’m just having a bit of fun with the name of the game, because Seven Knights 2 is Netmarble’s latest MMORPG, and it’s getting a global release on November 10, 2021. The sequel to the hugely successful mobile RPG is going to take on the world, after receiving a warm welcome when it released in Korea late last year. Keep reading our Seven Knights 2 first impressions to know what kind of adventure you’ll be getting into.

Seven Knights 2 First Impressions

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For those who aren’t familiar with the Seven Knights franchise, it is all about compelling heroes and their backstories. Fans of the series will see some familiar faces, but there are new characters as well, making for a very impressive roster of 46 heroes at launch. You must gradually unlock new characters as you progress, starting with a single character, the brave Lene, who will go through a deep personal tragedy, usually the catalyst of an epic adventure, as you surely know. Along the way, you’ll meet and recruit other characters through various means, including a hero summon feature where you can pull new characters, pets, and equipment. The heroes that you already own will be traded for shards that can be used to upgrade them.

Heroes come in various classes such as support, tank, ranged, universal, and DPS, as well as color-coded rarities. They have short backstories and motivations, and it’s the banter and rivalries between your party of four (although it can go up to eight in Raids, for example) that spices up the journey. They can get along or not, make some witty remarks, and just keep babbling about whatever is happening, showcasing the personality of each one. Since the dialogues are fully voiced, it is interesting to keep up with what they have to say.

The tradeoff for this care and detail is that Seven Knights 2 is the kind of mobile RPG that doesn’t start with any sort of character customization. You skip straight to the hero selection, where you can start by taking a glimpse at the brave warriors that you get to unlock. However, you can purchase outfits to give your heroes a new look, in case you get tired of the default attires.

Seven Knights 2 is heavily story-based, as the frequent dialogues and countless cutscenes will immediately let you on about. The introduction has this sense of grandeur and despair that sets the events in motion, as you are introduced to miracle kids and new companions. The Unreal Engine 4 does a good job of delivering great graphics, especially for the main heroes, and you can even see their pores if you look up closely – Netmarble really went to that extent, something that was already noticeable in Marvel Future Revolution. Some enemies aren’t quite at the same level, but that’s just how it goes for disposable mobs, they never deserve the same amount of attention.

Seven Knights 2 First Impressions

You may invest yourself in the story, but combat is the other half of the game that truly shines, at least if you like your RPGs with some tactical depth to them. Your party of four comes with a vast range of possibilities, starting with the strategic combinations that you can devise as soon as you have a decent number of heroes to choose from – sometimes the story places you in control of new heroes, so you can experiment right from that very moment.

Besides the standard practice of having a balanced team with suited frontline and backline heroes, you must engage into diverse actions such as switching the hero you are controlling, using the varied skills and ultimates, or using one character as bait for the others to strike down hard on the inattentive prey. You can rally all team members so that the AI-controlled heroes follow you around, instead of blindly attacking and most likely dying.

Using clever strategies is of utmost importance with bosses, as you explore their individual weaknesses and use the heroes that are better at it. When you find yourself struggling with a particular boss, adopting a different formation is crucial, changing the approach and possibly the outcome of the battle.

While the story campaign is the main attraction in Seven Knights 2, there are other game modes to keep you entertained. I’ve mentioned raids, but you also have dungeons, the tower, and even the arena to test your skills.

Seven Knights 2 isn’t your traditional mobile MMORPG. It’s a game crafted around the duality of storyline and single-player party combat, and it succeeds in both aspects. The graphics range from good to stunning, and the highlight is the number and diversity of heroes in display. This is a promising sequel that is likely going to grow a lot during the next year and should be experienced by fans of the original and new players alike.

Seven Knights 2 is available for Android and iOS in the Play Store and App Store, respectively.

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