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The Legend of Neverland Controversial Ads

What is up everyone, and especially those among you who are Genshin Impact fans? How badly are you waiting for a game similar to miHoYo’s open world action RPG, but an actual MMORPG? I’m pretty sure there’s a big crowd for that and the first games to drop have a big chance of becoming massive hits. My money is on Perfect World’s Tower of Fantasy, which is looking terrific, so definitely keep this on your radar. And then there are other games which are created as a… let’s say, tribute to the game of the moment, such as The Legend of Neverland. Watch the video below until you hear the video ad from that game.

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Ta-daaa, Barbara is he- Wow, that editing totally missed the mark, right? That's The Legend of Neverland, a game that has absolutely zero Peter Pan in it. Mondstadt’s favorite pop idol, right after Venti and his harp, was “borrowed” for this game. There’s definitely a fine line between paying tribute to your idols and downright using them.

To start on a positive note, this is an MMORPG, unlike Genshin Impact. You can pick from classes such as Craftsman, Scholar, Gladiator, and Ranger. There’s character creation, which is nice, but it feels awfully limited – they should look at Tower of Fantasy for customization done right.

The other positive… Well, it doesn’t look that bad. It looks like Genshin Impact, if Genshin Impact was released twenty years ago. The environment details are scarce, and the colors range from acceptable to puke, far from the vivid sights of Teyvat. The characters seem to have as much personality as a potato, and swim as gracefully as dog poop.

But hey, it’s not worse than thousands of mobile MMORPGs. Sure, this skill blatantly rips off Amber’s, and this Sophila city looks like a poor man’s Mondstadt, right down to the Barbatos statue – only smaller, and probably called Barbatis or something. But it could be playable, the gacha throws these flower fairies at you – think of them as combat-prone, non-emergency food Paimons –, and… nope, sorry, can’t think of anything else.

The Legend of Neverland Controversial Ads

The worse thing is the ads that have been spotted recently. They completely feed off of Genshin Impact for their marketing ploy, using what appears to be slightly retouched images from miHoYo’s game. I’m not going to point fingers… but there's clearly Mondstadt, its cathedral, and Amber’s long-lost twin to be found in the ads.

I can see other games trying to achieve what Genshin Impact has managed to, but The Legend of Neverland doesn’t seem to hit that sweet spot. On its defense, I can see it featuring all those MMORPG mechanics that you would expect from the genre, including PvP, life content, costumes, mounts, guilds, and all that stuff. In the end, it should play closer to something like Mabinogi.

You shouldn’t expect a global release for The Legend of Neverland. Anyway, why would you? Beyond its curiosity status, like some people stop to take a closer look at car crashes, there doesn’t seem to be anything remotely new or exciting about it. Here’s a game that is carving a reputation out of its controversial ads and blatant visual inspiration, and so far it has only managed to make me look forward to Tower of Fantasy even more. Brace yourselves, this should be the first of quite a few low-quality Genshin Impact clones, MMO or not. See you guys soon, back to Teyvat to level up my Jena, Rosanna, Alfredo, and Benny.

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