Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy game download

Tower of Fantasy game download

Tower of Fantasy release date and info PUBLISHER: Level Infinite | DEVELOPER: Hotta Studio
GENRE: Online Action RPG | THEME: Anime, Sci-Fi
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final August 10, 2022 (PC, Android, iOS)

Tower of Fantasy (幻塔) is a free-to-play online anime action RPG developed by Chinese outfit Hotta Studio. Crafted using Unreal Engine 4, the reveal trailer made many jaws drop to the floor and stirred comparisons with Genshin Impact, another exciting anime action RPG. Another thing that the two games share is that both are in development for PC and mobile, although Genshin Impact adds more platforms to the mix: PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Fans are also saying that they spot Dragon Raja vibes in this game.

But it's Tower of Fantasy that matters here. The setting is clearly futuristic and it's easy to draw comparisons with Honkai Impact 3rd, thanks to the stylish suits that the characters wear in combat. The bright anime style is very appealing, and despite its open world trappings, there is a storyline for you to follow that is hopefully gripping and surprising.

The first Tower of Fantasy gameplay trailer shows a bit about the game, although it also keeps a lot under wraps. The Tower of Fantasy character creation system seems very competent, with sliders to adjust height, weight, and facial features, besides many pre-made costumes and face details such as hair, eyes, headwear, and more.

Mounts will be a part of the game, providing you with different means to explore the open world. You can use a hoverboard, motorbike or jetpack, and these are just three of the means of transportation that were revealed in the first action-packed trailer.

Exploration is going to be a substantial part of the game, as you dangerously climb cliffs, swim across lakes and rivers, and discover new and exciting locations. However, combat plays a major role in Tower of Fantasy, with melee and ranged weaponry coming into play. The fights are frantic and flashy, with dazzling effects that bring to mind both SoulWorker and Honkai Impact 3rd.

The global Tower of Fantasy release date is late 2022. With other anime MMOs such as Blue Protocol coming to North America and Europe, Tower of Fantasy will arrive before Bandai Namco's game and is shaping up to be another great addition to the genre.

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Tower of Fantasy gameplay trailer

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