Top 10 Exciting Upcoming MMO Games We Know Very Little About

While some games are right around the corner and we know almost everything about them even before launch, in other games the developers like to keep their cards really close to the chest. We have heard about these potentially amazing MMO games but while some are quite recent and not yet ready for juicy details, others seem more like they went through a very bumpy development. Whatever the reason, here are a few games we are really looking forward to. It’s our Top 10 Exciting Upcoming MMO Games We Know Very Little About.


project theralon

A sandbox MMORPG developed by Infernum using CryEngine 3, Project Theralon looks like a marriage between Neverwinter and Dragon’s Prophet. The game will feature stuff like city building, aerial combat and even the option to make your sidekick character complete some tasks you don’t have time to or just can’t be bothered with. Players are also able to run the game via browser or client.


game of thrones seven kingdoms

You probably heard of Game of Thrones: Ascent, but that’s as much a Facebook MMORPG as they come. So it’s up to Bigpoint to honor the popular HBO series with Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms. Development is being handled in collaboration with Artplant, the same studio responsible for Battlestar Galactica Online, with both games running on the Unity engine. We haven’t heard from it for so long but the official trailer mentions a 2013 release date, so let’s hope this gets released while the show is still hot.


ein 1

Announced in 2011, Ein: Epicus Incognitus got quite some attention for a year or two until it went under the radar. The game is in development by Korean studio Inuca Interactive using the Unreal Engine 3 but Neowiz is focusing on Bless and is leaving Ein in the background for the time being. Which is a shame, since Ein looked pretty amazing and the mix of magic and technology actually seemed to work really well. Apparently combat was going to be point and click, in case you’re wondering, but who knows if they’ve changed it in the meantime.


MU Online 2

Saying that Mu Online 2 is in the works for a long time is quite an understatement. Rumors about the sequel to one of the first 3D MMORPGs arose in 2004 but development was paused until 2009. The debut trailer for this Webzen-developed game was unveiled only in 2011. Running on the Unreal Engine 3, Mu Online 2 was looking good, a lot like Diablo 3 does and should share some popular features with Mu Online. In 2013 Webzen released Mu Rebirth, a PvP-oriented version, but what we’re really expecting is Mu Online 2.


global agenda 2

While Hi-Rez is focusing on Smite and leaving both Global Agenda and Tribes Ascend to slowly decline, the studio is working on Global Agenda 2. The sequel will be a PvP focused game without open world elements or even a true MMO scope – it should be more restrained and with a toned down social aspect. Hi-Rez admitted that they tried to do too much with the first game, so that’s the reasoning behind the sequel. Global Agenda 2 will use several assets from Global Agenda, as well as maps and game modes, but will have new content as well, of course. And that’s all we know so far.


ghost in the shell 2

Nexon announced Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex in February 2013 and that was about it, you can go home now. Well, actually there was a bit of info and a few artworks, but nothing even remotely close to a screenshot, let alone a gameplay video. We know that it’s a free-to-play shooter from the makers of Dungeon Fighter and it features fierce hacking battles between cyborgs fighting over strategic resources – yep, just like that. This game is scheduled for the first half of 2014.


Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance was revealed in South Korea’s G-Star 2011 and then it pretty much disappeared from the face of the earth. Presented in a Diablo-esque isometric point of view, Lineage Eternal is an action RPG with some amazing visuals that still could stand up to games like Diablo 3, as well as a drag and hold feature where you draw patterns with the mouse to execute some special moves. The 15-minute reveal trailer also included some exciting large-scale battles and impressive bosses. However, after all this time we can’t help but think that there has to be so much more to this game and yet NCsoft is tight-lipped about it for a few years already.


soul worker 2

Soul Worker is an action MMORPG as anticipated as it is mysterious. Gamers play as psychic teenagers who use their emotions – called Soul – to power their weapons, the Soul Workers of the title. The psychics are investigating the disappearance of everyone from the Cloudrealm, leaving only them and some monsters around. It’s a third-person, cel-shaded game with some really cool anime visuals and impressive moves. 2014 should bring more news on this game and perhaps a Korean release.



Talk about revealing a game early. Nexon is working on Dragon Nest 2 and while the game is easily two years away from release at the very least, we already know a bit or two about it. The most shocking revelation is that they’re ditching the anime visuals of the original in favor of a more realistic tone, akin to Vindictus. But the great news is that it will be open world this time, with some fast-paced and easy to control action. We can’t wait for it!


world of darkness 2

The rights to a World of Darkness MMORPG were snagged by CCP Games, makers of the astronomical success EVE Online. The deal with White Wolf was revealed in 2006, but development had some bumps and the game only went into pre-production in April 2013. CCP isn’t shy on its ambition for World of Darkness, saying that this will be a true next-generation MMO that will make players feel like they’re playing a vampire simulator. This has all the potential to be one truly atmospheric, massive MMO so let’s hope they really take some time and staff off EVE Online and Dust 514 to make this a true hit, like millions of players are expecting. We still have to wait two or three years at least though, so don’t hold your breath.

We bet you’re excited about a few of these, right? Oh, and there’s Wolfknights Online too, that one is also looking pretty cool. Anyway, let us know which other games you would like to get more info on, but only games where the current info is so slim that they could fit perfectly in this top 10. Leave us your comments and until next time.

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