Top 10 Free Action RPG Diablo Like Games 2014

Over a year ago we made a top 5 with the best free Diablo alternatives. Now it’s time to update that top with a few more free games that could tickle your hack and slash fancy. We have to admit that there weren’t any real amazing releases in the meantime, but some pretty decent games were added to the list. Let’s begin with our Top 10 Free Action RPG Diablo Like Games 2014.

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mu classic

MU Online is no doubt a classic. And while we wait for the sequel, MU Online 2, which has been in development hell for quite a while now, we are treated to MU Classic and the PvP-oriented MU Rebirth. It’s a whole lot of MU’s, but for now we’ll stick to MU Classic. So, this is your standard old-school action RPG that looks a lot like Diablo but, on the downside, this browser-based update also looks a lot like those 2.5D free-to-play MMORPGs that try to stick their hands in your pockets. By that we mean that you’ll see a bunch of huge flashing icons on the top of the screen, inviting you to become a VIP or get some rewards – that kind of stuff. To be fair, however, it is a game with a massive amount of content, so there’s that. Try the game for a while if you’re a fan of the series, but otherwise just sit tight and wait for MU Online 2.


royal quest

Royal Quest is a decent attempt at an action RPG and looks fairly good, it has some nice art and it won’t hurt your eyes unless you decide to look really close. However, it couldn’t be more generic than it is – there are even chocobos in it! Anyway, even some generic games can be extremely enjoyable but at this early stage, Royal Quest seems to be on a quest to get your money. It’s all very limited and “buy premium/recharge account” happy. Having a strict limit on the inventory that can only be lifted with real money is just plain unfair. And if you need a mount to help you travel faster across the huge amounts of land, you’ll have to – guess what – buy it. Hopefully things will change before every single player embarks on a quest to abandon what could be a fun, if very unoriginal RPG, but we’re not holding our breath.


lego minifigures online

While not everything is awesome in this game, the gameplay in this Diablo style click-click isometric game can be pretty fun and sometimes even really challenging. Since you can switch between your minifigures, it’s useful to master their skills wisely so you won’t die again and again.  The Lego worlds have some really cool different themes for you to enjoy but we would like to have more exploration options, instead of just going through the linear paths. So while the game can be entertaining and addictive and the three minifigures option is cool, free-to-play gets in the way of the fun. When your characters die, you have to wait several minutes before playing again. But you can, of course, pay to become a member or buy stuff with real money such as diamonds and YAY, suddenly you can play faster and have a better time. You know, just like you can do in a normal, retail game that you pay upfront. So, Lego Minifigures Online is a good game that is held back by some distracting monetization issues.


Akaneiro Demon Hunter 4

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is Diablo meets Okami and they go hack and slashing into a little red riding hood fairytale set in feudal Japan. The premise is quite a mess but the result isn’t a complete disappointment. However, American McGee’s and his Spicy Horse studio are something of a low profile venture and Akaneiro is just proof of that – it’s decent fun for a while but completely unremarkable and you’ll forget all about it in a few hours. At first you’ll probably fall in love with the original watercolor art style and appreciate the smooth and interesting combat, but later on you’ll realize that parts of the game are broken and you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again hoping for different results, which is the definition of insanity. But Diablo equals grind, so isn’t that you’re looking for right now?



Realm of the Mad God remains as one of the most immediate and fun hack and slash experiences out there. The irresistible retro 8-bit style and the bullet hell gameplay make it chaotic, especially when dozens of players are going at it in a single battle. There are plenty of classes and permadeath makes it suitable for the most skilled players only. It’s a very fun and addictive game that could rank higher on this list if it wasn’t for the heavy focus on microtransactions. It wasn’t that bad when it first launched, but new publisher Kabam kind of turned it into pay-to-win. Nevertheless, you can have a lot of fun with it until you eventually decide you don’t want to spend money on it and move on to other things.


the mighty quest for epic loot

We’ve praised The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot enough for its bold and effectively genius idea of mixing Diablo hack and slash gameplay with Dungeon Keeper castle building, all with quite a bit of humor that mostly works. That doesn’t mean the game didn’t go through a long period of trying to find its balance, mostly with the always sensible question of microtransactions. But before you ask if it’s pay-to-win, let’s just say that it’s pay to advance faster. Not that we think that is a much better thing, but we’ll go along with it. Anyway, the game is a lot of fun and has a nice competitive ring to it, but that still isn’t perfect due to some balancing issues, mostly with the castle building. We recommend you to play The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot in very short bursts so that you can properly enjoy it.



Marvel Heroes is the kind of game that benefited from continued development and we have to praise the devs for sticking with it and turning it into a much better game than it was at launch. It’s pretty much Diablo set in the Marvel universe, so you can expect a lot of loot and plenty of clicking around. It truly is a loot driven game and that is just the kind of player that the developers expect to see in their game – you click, click and click, and you see your character level up and progress. Do you like this kind of gameplay, which sort of sums up Diablo too, and you love Marvel characters? Then Marvel Heroes is the game for you. It can become very addicting, especially if you want to invest some time to buy some new heroes and costumes.


kingsroad 2

Kingsroad was this big surprise which proves that you can make a good, even great action game playable in your browser. What’s best is that it has really great graphics to go with the smooth gameplay and exciting action combat. I mean, the game looks really good, with tons of enemies and visual effects everywhere. The seamless drop-in, drop out cooperative mode allows up to 3 players to play in the same game and ramps up the excitement levels and fun. The only real negative is that there’s no PvP. There’s also some aggressive monetization but this only really matters if you’re the competitive type and want to buy all the boosters and the cool gear to showcase just how awesome you are. Let me fix that: just how awesome your credit card is!


Drakensang Online

If it wasn’t for our number one, Drakensang Online would be our favorite free to play Diablo alternative for quite a few years now. Based on the extremely popular German pen-and-paper RPG The Dark Eye, this is one action RPG done right. Not only the game is beautiful, it has to be commended for doing so in a browser. Gameplay is smooth and the game is naturally rich in lore, so you’ll spend quite a bit of time talking to NPCs and becoming a part of the world. It does require a lot of grinding and it will constantly try to reach in your wallet, so be prepared – it honestly is worth spending some bucks in this game if you’re really enjoying your time with it.


path of exile 3

Path of Exile is still the undisputed king of the free Diablo alternatives. There’s no such game like it and it manages to beat even most of the retail hack and slash experiences out there. It’s not just the gloomy game world that is extremely well realized or the combat that has a lot of punch, it’s mostly how in-depth the game mechanics are – you just have to take a look at that impressive/scary skill tree to realize that you can take your characters through so many different paths that it’s kind of crazy. While it may seem a bit repetitive and easy at the earlier levels, give it some time and you’ll discover a challenging adventure that will keep you coming back for more, trying new strategies, restarting with different builds to experience a mostly different gameplay style.

Path of Exile was a good game with a lot of potential at launch and now, quite a few months later, is a tremendous action RPG. It’s nicely supported by the developers with fast updates and the amount of content is enough to keep you around for months. Is it perfect? No, you can expect some bugs, but for the price of admission, you can’t get a better deal. If you enjoy the game, support it and help make it even better!

That’s it for now, hopefully next year will bring a few more free Diablo like games to make things a bit more exciting on the top positions. We had to leave a few games out of this list, but if by any chance you know one that should absolutely be here, then let us know in the comments.

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