Top 10 Free Low Spec MMORPG Games


It’s time to face the truth: your computer sucks! It also blows! So while others are counting the days to enjoy Everquest Next and Black Desert, you’re stuck playing Minesweeper and hoping your computer won’t overheat. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you! No, not by getting you a new computer, but by listing 10 MMORPGs that aren’t very greedy in system requirements. It’s our Top 10 Free Low Spec MMORPGs.

The downside of these games, quite a few of them considered classics of the genre, is that in some cases the playerbase may be deteriorating, so don’t be surprised. But there’s still some fun to be had, so let’s begin!


MU Online 2

Mu Online is now over 10 years-old and was the first South Korean 3D MMORPG. It shares many similarities with Diablo 2, including the isometric view and interface. Although it’s obviously dated, it still holds up nicely after all these years and has a lot of content to go through. Webzen recently released Mu Rebirth, an official private server focused on PvP so there’s still plenty of life in Mu Online. The studio is working on Mu Online 2, but it seems that the game is in development hell, so don’t keep your hopes up.



Fiesta has gone through a lot in 2013, with publisher Outspark closing doors and the North American rights going to Gamigo. When it comes to anime MMOs, Fiesta Online was one of the most popular, along with Flyff and Grand Fantasia. The cel-shaded graphics didn’t age too badly and the game is quite fun at times. However, you’ll hear the usual sort of things: it’s pay to win, the community is horrible and high level gameplay isn’t fun. As with most games, it’s up to personal opinion.



Grand Fantasia is a good game, albeit a generic one, so don’t be surprised if it looks like many others. But it’s still worth spending a few hours if you’re looking for a low spec MMORPG. You’ll have a Sprite to help you along the way in tasks that you assign to it such as gathering resources or crafting items. As for the rest, we can say that it’s a relatively fun game with a lot to do but expect quite a bit of grinding after a few dozens of levels.



Flyff, or Fly for Fun, is a game that could be considered a part of the trinity that is completed with Fiesta and Grand Fantasia. The three games look strikingly similar and enjoyed quite a bit of success a few years ago. Nowadays it’s still a good choice if you’re looking for an anime styled game with a bit of flying around when you reach level 20. But as always, be prepared for a lot of grind.



Maplestory is a 2D side-scrolling game that had a fantastic number of registered users until – pretty much like most popular MMORPGs – things have taken a swift turn to the cash shop side. It’s also a bit grindy and repetitive, but that’s a flaw that can be attributed to most MMO games in a way or another. Younger users will appreciate the graphics and gameplay more than experienced players and while this game should run in the most humble of computers, beware of crowded places where things can get a bit laggy. Consider yourself warned.


Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God is the only game on this list that doesn’t smell like old people. It was released in 2011 and is intentionally developed to look old, so to speak. It’s a retro action MMORPG with a cool, NES pixilated art style and is often described as a massively-multiplayer cooperative bullet hell shooter. It’s a simplistic, no bullshit, straight to the point MMO game for people who hate time-consuming MMO games. It will remind you of Gauntlet, if you’re that old. Give it a try, you just might love it.

4: WIZARD101


At first sight aimed at the younger crowd, Wizard101 isn’t just a game for kids who love Harry Potter – there’s a genuinely interesting game behind its colorful looks. And this time you don’t have to worry about the playerbase, since there are quite a few millions still playing this game since it launched in 2008. The downside is that some of the areas need to be purchased, or you can go for a subscription, which will also unlock some in-game perks. People with money win, once again.



So, RuneScape 3 is out. Well, it’s more the third iteration of RuneScape, if you know what I mean. It’s very likely that you already played this game before, since it’s in the Guinness World Records and everything, so there’s not much to add about it. For low spec computers we would definitely recommend the old school RuneScape version, which is a separate one based on the 2007 build, but the catch is that it’s only available to paying members. But you should know by now how RuneScape works and the area limitations for free players.



Ragnarok Online is a hugely popular MMORPG that finally saw a sequel released in 2013. However, fans of the first game received the 3D sequel with plenty of negative criticism, expressing disappointment towards the new, World of Warcraft-like version. Most critics focus on the new generic MMORPG feel that missed what Ragnarok Online was all about. Try the original first and if you’re still looking for the true Ragnarok Online sequel, keep an eye out for the upcoming Tree of Savior – now that one is shaping up to be what Ragnarok Online 2 should have been!



Mabinogi is an amazing MMORPG offering a world that is still unrivaled in many levels. It’s not your usual grind, level up and repeat. In this game, you can do so much besides the customary combat and fetch quests. You can play music, cook, farm, fish and so many more, and Mabinogi includes some cool features like characters that age, a truly interesting story and combat that is fun, clever, relying on skill and not just on spamming the attack buttons. Sure, the visuals look dated but it’s nothing that will hurt your eyes. Mabinogi is one of the most underrated MMO games ever, managing to be complex yet easy to get into and a true classic overall.

There you go, a few cool low spec, old school MMORPGs to play on your toaster. If your computer is bad, but not THAT bad, then you can take a look at Allods Online, Runes of Magic or Perfect World International. But if you can’t even run properly most of the games on this top, then the time has come to make that difficult decision: upgrade the computer or throw it out of the window.

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