Top 10 SMITE God Designs

Welcome to The Station. Now let’s take a look at some of the best designs in the MOBA market period, and the top ten god designs in Hi-Rez’s SMITE. This is purely cosmetic and aesthetic based, so don’t forget to share, as well as like and subscribe the video for our kit top tens and more, soon to come.

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smite nemesis

Because sex appeal is sometimes in the mystery, and also because of how colorful of a character she is on the battlefield. It was really cool to see how Hi-Rez designed around her myth of being a goddess of revenge, retribution, and justice. So they hooded the character over her eyes because “justice is blind” and gave her scales as an additive cosmetic.


smite vulcan

He’s basically a walking forge. Vulcan’s myth has a lot of heartbreak and physical trauma befalling him, so it was pretty neat to see that they added mechanical limbs which also go with his smithing lore. He looks like a manly man with a big hammer, it’s simple but effective.



Zhong Kui is a silly looking character but also pretty dark and grim. His clothing is actually very well done and intricate but it’s his tools that really make him stand out. A glowing and dripping brush and a demonic bag strapped to his back. His in-game effects are also especially outstanding.


smite thanatos

Thanatos holds presence when he arrives with his massive wings. Very Phantom of the Opera, his overall design is quite stoic except for that aggressive looking scythe he swings around. Overall he has something just a bit more flavorful than other Gods.


smite geb

Geb is an awesome design, hands down. While some Gods are animalistic, and some are very much humanoid, Geb is something else entirely. He is floating bits of rock and earth with waterfalls and plants, even some birds flying around if you look very closely. A fitting design for the God of Earth.


smite arachne

While in a lot of games there are spider-esque characters, Arachne takes it a bit further and even has a good bit of tasteful originality. She doesn’t have the most explosive or dazzling effects but her overall design is cohesive and creepy depending on whom you ask.


smite hebo

He Bo is a huge character. He absolutely has a presence with half his model being torrential waters. His older skin was lackluster, but this modern incarnation has beyond satisfactory detail and his spells, well, let’s just say they make a splash, pun intended.


smite bakasura

From the start of Smite, Bakasura has been one of the most iconic characters. He exudes originality and Hi-Rez did a really good job here. He has a twisted stance and a very inhuman humanoid shape that really fits his disturbing mythology. He fits his theme well and it is really awesome how his face erupts from under the cowl to devour enemies.


smite Ah Muzen Cab

Ah Muzan Cab is a creepy looking character for sure but also really sharp. He has a lot of detail put in but I have to say it is the wing beat effect that puts the icing on the cake. He also makes a big impact on the map with him spilling honey and laying bee hives all over the place. This guy is equal parts silly and serious but absolutely 100 percent on the unique scale compared to other gods.


smite hades

Classic skin and modern skin both have good design points, ranging from intricacy to overall impact, but what really sells this guy is how well it fits his theme. Striking armor in combination with his big spells, it sets him apart from the rest.

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